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Right Idea

Right Idea is a hardcore band from Cleveland Ohio. They take the best parts of 80s straight edge hardcore bands and blend them together for maximum excitement! The songs are fast and the lyrics are cool and can be related to by the everyday dude. http://if-you-cared.blogspot.com/

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HOODS are a hardcore institution. The band formed in Sacramento, CA over 10 years ago and have spent that time building a legacy. The band has released several albums and EPs with several labels, but in 2005 chose Eulogy to be their home. Hoods are constantly on the road having shared the stage with all of the major hardcore bands that have come and gone over the past years. The new Hoods lineup has already crossed the U.S. playing the new material. Hoods Is:
Ben Garcia - Vocals

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Ruiner are a fast and melodic-sounding hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland.
Fall 2004- October 5th we played our first show and released our first 3 song demo.
Winter 2004-05- Embarked on our first east coast/midwest tour with friends The Spark for 2 weeks.Spring 2005- East coast tour with friends No Idols. May 05 released 7" EP "What Could Possibly Go Right..." through Firestarter and Gravemistake Records.

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1) Old school hardcore from Belgrade, Serbia. 2) Formed in Perth, Western Australia in late 2005, Hitman are here to provide real straight up, tough hardcore with one thing in mind above all else standing for what they believe in and delivering a true message through their music. Hitman tackle serious issues that affect our scene and our country such as unity, individuality and racism. Hitman are here to bring the fun back to hardcore and take back what hardcore is meant to be about.

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DJ Isaac

Roel "DJ Isaac" Schutrups was born in Winschoten in the northern part of Holland on June 8th 1974. He started his music career as a remixer for Dutch radio stations with an oldschool tape recorder and a small Casio sampler. Through the years he bought new and better equipment and started to develop his own unique style of production which resulted in his first record called "Bad Dreams" which was released in 1995 and became a huge Dutch hardcore techno hit. DJ Isaac started deejaying as well and became one of the pioneers of Dutch hardcore techno.

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'Power' can refer to multiple bands: 1) Power is a Hungarian Heavy/Power Metal band. Their first full lenght album released in 2013 with the title of "Tükrök". 2) 1990s Power metal band, from New Jersey, NY. A single release in 1996, 'Justice of Fire' on Rock the Nation. 3) Hardcore band from Bremerton, Wa. 4) POWER is a creative collective originally from Detroit, MI. Spearheaded by siblings Jax and Seth Anderson, POWER’s main goal is to inspire anyone and everyone wanting and willing to pursue a path less followed.

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The Dead Walk!

At a time where image seems more important to a band then music, THE DEAD WALK! are a breath of fresh air, bringing back old school hardcore to the forefront and embracing a time where message meant more than image. Formed in late 2004 from the ashes of Life Love Regret and No Jazz Before The Rumble, THE DEAD WALK! attracted instant attention due to each members long history in the Newcastle and Sydney hardcore scenes.

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There is more than one artist named Circuits: 1. A hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. 2.Brought together in the summer of 2006, Circuits are Ben, Nick, Nick Jnr and Simon. This London four piece’s frantic, twitching, spiky guitar pop looks to the new wave sound of the late 70s and combines it with a distinctly modern twist to create something special. Citing The Police, Elvis Costello and Paul Simon as their major influences, Circuits claim to bring new and different proposition in their music.

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Cheap Thrills

There are more than one band with the name Cheap Thrills.
1) best producer alive from chicago
1) A defunct 3 piece 70's punk rock band form Tallahassee, FL including members of The Transfusions and Chicago Glam Rock band Mickey. 2) a German Hardcore Band playing old school NYHC inspired hardcore with a modern twist. They've released a demo in 2004, the We're All Broken MCD in 2005 and their self-titled debut album in 2007. 3) an all girl, rock and roll punk band, originated from Leiden, the Netherlands.

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