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Hey You Guys

Hey You Guys are a band set to grab the UK music scene and stamp their very own sound to it. Although compared to bands like Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals, HYG are very much a band of their own. Having played shows with the likes of The Blackout, All Or Nothing, Save Your Breath, Me Vs. Hero, The Plight and Exit Avenue to name a few, it’s fair to say HYG can fit many a bill. HYG compliment their infectious and upbeat tunes with moments that can turn the room chaotic.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Scooter is a German group, formed by Soren Buehler, Hans-Peter Geerdes, Hendrik Stadler and Jens Thele, in Hamburg in 1994.
Among their more well known hits are 'Ramp! (The Logical Song)', 'Move Your Ass', 'Fire', 'How Much Is the Fish?', 'Nessaja' and 'Weekend!'. Originally the group started as a side project in 1994. Their debut single Vallée De Larmes (French for Valley Of Tears) reached #8 on the German dance chart.

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Helen Love

Helen Love are an band from whose music is a combination of and . They were formed by the eponymous Helen Love who claims only to listen to the music of the Ramones, from which she draws inspiration for the band's music. Their music has been covered by the likes of Ash and Tullycraft. Current members are Helen, Sheena and Beth. Past members: Gary Strickland (guitar, 1997).

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HIGHLIFE is the project of Sleepy Doug Shaw. Born in London, Shaw has been based in New York for the past 5 years, joining the band WHITE MAGIC who are based in the city, and have released 2 EPs and 1 full length album through the Drag City label. 'Winds' written by Shaw, can be found on WHITE MAGIC'S 'DARK STARS' EP - released on Drag City in late 2007. HIGHLIFE is trying to realise HIGH CONCIOUSNESS through sound. Shaw removes himself from his body to perform such musics, allowing a channeling of sorts, from within a thick cloud of smoke - vocal vibrations and primitive outpourings.

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Critical Mass

Disambiguation; There are 5 Groups with the same name. 1). Real Name: Ed Bout, Dave van Hasselaar & Ludmilla Odijk
Profile:Critical Mass was a dutch Rave/Happy Hardcore group from the Mid-Nineties.
Critical Mass was formed in 1994 byEd Bout and Dave Hasselaar.
ID&T records (the centre of hardcore at that time) wanted a live act. At the beginning both producers where the act by themselves but not much later they integrated the singer Ludmilla Odijk and the rapper Danny Haenraets alias MC Energy.

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Dione a.k.a. Erik Ypma started DJ'ing at the end of the 80's at a youth centre. He organized parties at Bubbles in Lelystad and started a radio program at a local station. His first productions were released at Rams Horn Records/5th Gear and appeared on over 50 cd's. His (award-winning) radioshow, "Hakkuh" at New Dance Radio, became Holland's most populair hardcore programme. He started producing and DJ'ing for ID&T (Mysteryland, Thunderdome, Earthquake etc.) Dione played in Finland, Letland, Estland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Holland.

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Holy Moly

There are multiple groups known as "Holy Moly." One is a "cowpunk" band from Fort Worth, Texas. Another is a folk-rock/country-rock group from Brooklyn, NY featuring Jared Friedman along with Jeremy and Daniella Joseph. The following biographical information pertains to the Fort Worth-based band: Holy Moly is a high-energy four piece cowpunk band from Fort Worth, Texas. They have independently recorded and released three albums, winning “Album of the Year” in the 2009 Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards.

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