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There are at least 4 bands known by the name of Saviour. 1) Saviour Australian Metalcore band from Perth, they combine melodies with blasting breakdowns like no other. The peaceful combination in their debut album of these melodies and heavy breakdowns creates something truly amazing. Saviour is 5 guys with a passion for music, and it truly shows. With a live performance beckoning beams of power and prowess.

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Mary Jane Kelly

Mary Jane Kelly are a hardcore band out of Wollongong, Australia. Mary Jane Kelly have released two E.P's to this date, the first one released was Marionettes in 2007 (this was considered a demo by the band themselves), and Our Streets Turn White was released on the 11th of October 2008 through Trial and Error records. "Like There's No Tomorrow", 2010, is their latest release, an 11 track record also released through Trial and Error records.
Members (2009):
Justin B - vocals

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Between the Wars

There are currently two bands using the name "Between The Wars".
1. BETWEEN THE WARS (Melbourne, AUS) - Active 2009-present. Celtic folk punk band. Released album "Carried Away" in 2010, EP "The Rats" and single "The Aces Are Coming/I Forget What I'm Doing Here" in 2011. 2. BETWEEN THE WARS (New Jersey, USA) - Active: 2005-2007 (featured Ensign frontman Tim Shaw and former Thursday guitarist Bill Henderson. Released 1 EP and 1 album.

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Lovers Grave

Russ - Guitar
Nick - Drums
Abe - Bass
Brett - Guitar
Lee - Vocals Lovers Grave is a 5 piece hardcore band hailing from Melbourne, Australia.
Whilst still relativley young, the band has gained alot of interest from the local scene. After only releasing a two song demo, the band had already been put on the 2010 'Mistake Tour' featuring local heavyweights Confession and Thy Art Is Murder.

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A Secret Death

A Secret Death formed in Gold Coast, Australia in 2002. From their humble beginnings as an up and coming Queensland band, ASECRETDEATH have always been inspired to write timeless and eclectic music. Priding themselves on harnessing and crafting songs with emotion, the group has blended dark, expansive and metallic elements to develop their own definitive and unique soundscape.
Hailing from the unsuspecting sunny grounds of The Gold Coast, ASECRETDEATH wowed fans critics alike when their second EP, “Fear Is The Driving Force”, was unleashed to a wealth of salivating fans in 2005.

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