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Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK, described by The Guardian as an acoustic troubadour. His first proper band 16 Tambourines was a sprawling affair that played gigs as a 3 piece (the ‘angry young men’ set) up to an 8 piece with brass, percussion and on occasions a didgeridoo. The band played pubs and basement bars that usually only allowed cover bands. “We practised in the middle of town at a place called The Ministry, were the Bunnymen and Teardrops used to rehearse when they were dead famous and heard loads of great stories about them that just frustrated us.

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The Threats

Threats Page is actually here The Threats started of life in 1977 as the Reflectors. Just 4 local lads from Dalkeith in Midlothian Scotland who had a collective interest in Music.. Jim and Gogsy were next door neighbours from when they were born and grew up together. Early memories were a great interest in all things guitar based. The bands that they grew up with were the glam bands of the 1970's. It was all based on rock n' roll with bags o' fun thrown in for good measure. (That rings a bell). Slade, T-Rex, Sweet, Mud, you get the picture.

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Lunatic Fringe

There are at least two bands that call themselves Lunatic Fringe. 1. A punk band from Bristol, U.K., active from 1980 to 1986. Key releases included the 'Who's in Control?' E.P. and the 'Cringe With The Fringe' E.P. as well as the track 'British Man' on Riot City's 'Riotous Assembly' compilation. Line-up included Bear Hakenbush (vocals, see 1st photo), John Finch (guitar), Nick Horn (bass) and Age Blackmore (drums). Contemporaries of, and frequently played with, Disorder, Chaos U.K. and Amebix.

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Anti Pasti

Derby 4-piece punk band originally comprising of Martin Roper (vocals), Stan Smith (drums), Dugi Bell (guitars), and Stuart Winfield (bass). They recorded an EP called Four Sore Points containing, amongst other things, the band's anthem, No Government. Later recordings featured Kev Nixon on the drums, Will Hoon on bass and Will Hoon's brother, Olly on guitars. Anti Pasti played alongside other early '80s punk bands such as The Exploited, Discharge and Chron Gen, during the Apocalypse Now tour.

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Intensive Care

This entry is for two distinct bands, both called INTENSIVE CARE. (1) For the Montreal Rock band, click here (2) A UK82\Oi! band from london.
Albums :
Rebels, Rockets and Rubbermen (1987)
The Oi collection
North London's Finest
Oi! The rarities
A Country Fit For Heroes vol.2 (3) A punk rock band from London formed in 1993.

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Picture Frame Seduction

Picture Frame Seduction formed in 1978 in Haverfordwest in West Wales playing the same style of punk music as counterparts The Partisans from Bridgend. The band was called The Frames until 1979 when they recorded their first demo and in particular a very fast version of Pearl Harbour. The band have been hit by tragedy and intrigue over the years with deaths of fans at shows and band members going missing or dying.

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