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There is at least two acts called Tang: 1) Tang was formed during the Autumn of 1997 and established its first line-up during the Winter of 2000. That time marked a renewal of activity for the outfit, and an ever-growing willingness to advance with their music was born. The group released several demos, including a 3 track CD, given as a freebie, that astounded critics all over France. "Tang has a talent to grab your guts when the first chords are strummed, and the overall atmosphere is really emotional."

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Swing Kids

Swing Kids were a hardcore band from San Diego California during the mid 1990s. The band members were Eric Allen (of Unbroken), Jose Palafox (of Struggle and Bread and Circuits), John Brady (of Spanakorzo and Sweep The Leg Johnny), Jimmy LaVelle (The Album Leaf) and frontman Justin Pearson (later of The Locust), who would release their recordings on his own Three One G record label. They were closely involved with and heavily influenced by the forerunners of the San Diego hardcore punk scene of the 1990s.

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There's at least two bands and a DJ with this name:
1) Danton is an English DJ based in london, formally known as Wam Way who used to promote in Norwich. Mixing alot of house, garage, techno and future sounds.
2) German state of the art screamo/post-hardcore combination. With Benjamin on the guitar, max on the drums and Fabian on the bass this trio is making its way through the modern screamo sound. This band is from Wuppertal, and are close friends to another screamo band named Faced moment from the same region.

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The South

There are at least two bands that go by this name, one British and one American: 1) The South is a band consisting of former The Beautiful South members Dave Hemmingway, Alison Wheeler, Dave Stead, Damon Butcher and others; they primarily play live and are yet to make any releases. 2) The South were a hardcore band from St Augustine, FL. Members went on to be in Environmental Youth Crunch, In Danger Of Dead, Tubers, Solid Pony, Centipede, Alligator, and more. They've played 2 reunion shows since doing their farewell caravan tour July9-11th, 2004.

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Texas Is the Reason

Texas Is the Reason was a post-hardcore band founded by former Shelter guitarist Norm Arenas and 108 drummer Chris Daly in 1994. A foundational quartet in the post-Sunny Day Real Estate movement of emo music, Texas Is the Reason played melodious but forceful rock music before disbanding in 1997. Norm Arenas (guitar), guitarist for the hardcore Hare Krishna band Shelter, formed Texas Is the Reason with friend and then fellow Hare Krishna devotee Chris Daly (drums), formerly of the band 108, which played music of a similar kind to Shelter's, some time in the early 1990s in New York City.

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