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Besatt means "possessed" in Norwegian/Swedish - the band of the same name hail from Bytom, Poland. The music is slightly thrashy highly Satanic black metal. The "Conquering The World With True Black Metal War" split featured tracks from Besatt and Misanthropy (US) among others. Discography:
- 1996 - Czarci Majestat
- 1997 - In Nomine Satanas
- 1999 - Hail Lucifer
- 2000 - Underground Satanic Split (split with Unhallowed and Tragedy Begins)
- 2001 - Hellstorm
- 2002 - Korzenie zla
- 2003 - Scream of the Eastern Lands

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Poland's Darkstorm formed in 1993 in Warsaw,releasing the demos 'Into the Dead' the same year,followed by 'The Forest of Magic Rain' in 1994 and 'The Past Forgotten' in 1995.
In 1996 the first full-length was released entitled 'The Black Stone' (reissued in '08 with bonus demo material),a classic of the pagan black metal scene emerged from eastern Europe in that era.
The band changed their name to 'Ravenlord Darkstorm' as of 2000,releasing a demo and contributing to a split,but that band is no longer active.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Italian Gothic Metal band. The jewel DISMAL was created back in June 1995, nearby Turin, when Bradac and Parsifal joined to the call of the Earth, gradually becoming one thing with it while cultivating in an inseparable way their art and spirit. The passion and the big efforts result in a new decadent artistic experience, deeply rooted in both medieval and classic music, which soon becomes the fruit of both the visions and the sensations of their sublimation.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. Inglorious is a Christian Hardcore band From Spartanburg, South Carolina. As stated on their Myspace, "Whether you like us or not, there is only one thing you need to know... We strive to do everything we do for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. However, we are far from perfect - we'll admit that to anyone. We just want to share the love that Christ gives us with anyone who hears us".

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DIACHRONIA (from Greek dia = through / chronos = time) was formed by Konik Northbert in Bielsko-Biala (Poland) in 1997. In the same year they were signed to Millenium Records from Warsaw, with whom they released their first official demo called "Hymn to the fate." Reviews described it as "Thrash/Death metal with melodies". Lots of gigs and line-up changes shortly followed, where Konik became the only original member and songwriter for years to come.

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Evil Twin

There are 3 bands and one Game with the name Evil Twin. 1) Evil Twin (Seattle, USA) Hard Rock / Punk influenced band from Seattle. Signed to Flotation Records in 2006. Main release: Radio Salvation (2007). (http://www.eviltwinrocks.com) 2) Evil Twin (Poland) Death Metal. Releases include To Your God (1999), An Erotic (2002), Villian (2003), and Dying Art of the Human (2004). (http://www.eviltwin.prv.pl) 3) Evil Twin (UK)

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