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Ramming Speed

Playing their first show in January of ‘07, Ramming Speed have since loaded into just over 200 basements, living rooms and piss stained bars around the US. While the band’s first release, the “Full Speed Ahead” 7”, touched on issues such as pizza parties and fake tan smell-good girls, the band returned home from heavy touring with a different mind set. Ramming Speed experienced in six weeks what many bands never come across in a life time.

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Send More Paramedics

The name Send More Paramedics is a reference to the 1985 horror/comedy, Return of the Living Dead. The band originally formed as a side project of Leeds band 'And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, but have gained a higher profile than And None of Them Knew They Were Robots, who have since split up. The band played in the 1980s crossover style, what they described as "Zombiecore... a fusion of 80s thrash and modern hardcore punk", with lyrics about zombies and cannibalism, and are heavily influenced by zombie movies.

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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Ghoul is a thrash metal band formed in United States of America (Oakland, California) in 2001. Official Website
Official Myspace 2) Ghoul was a legendary punk/hardcore band from Japan. Please change your tags to GHOUL for this specific band. Ghoul formed in the mid 80's and were active until their front man Masami formed another band called Sqwad in early 90s, and soon after that he died.

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Power Trip

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Formed in early 2008, POWER TRIP is a crossover band from Dallas, Texas in the vein of late 80's thrash, heavy metal and hardcore punk. For fans of Exodus, Vio-Lence, later Cro-Mags, and Prong. Lockin' Out Records. 2) Power Trip was a modern-oriented metal band from Karlovac, Croatia. The band was formed in the beginning of 2006 by Boris (drums) and Tomislav (guitar/vocals), after the disbandment of their former band Podrum.

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Asythiate are a three piece band from a little place in the North-West of England called Burnley. All three of us were brought together during high school and all had the burning desire to destroy every mother fucking pretty boy faggot that tries to be something they're not or follows trends and fads, and as we've been getting through our teenage years, we have become hairy, scruffier and above all else angrier at the amount of cunts in this world! Tags: 
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There are 2 bands that share the name Disarray. A thrash metal band from Tennessee and a punk band from Japan. 1) In early 1993, Chuck Bonnett assembled the first prototype of Disarray from the local musicians he had grown up and attended school with as a youth in Dickson, Tennessee. His work ethic and drive to do something enduring quickly weeded out the weekenders and hobbyists, and he set to work in earnest that fall.

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Face Value

Face Value was formed in June 1989 from the ashes of goofy punk/crossover band The Bagmen after singer Don Foose (currently in Run Devil Run) left to sing for Chris Andrew's SPUDMONSTERS. The band recruited local HC scenester Tony Erba who had just seen his previous band LEK fizzle out.Erba joined, changed the name from the Bagmen to Face Value and guitarist 'Downtown' Brown joined as well and the band remade itself into a posi-HC band inspired by Erba's love of fast,youthful HC ala 7 Seconds, Negative Approach, Minor Threat and DYS.

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