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There are more than one artist with name Helen[:
1) Italo-Disco group.
2) Armenian singer.
3) Filipino band playing live drum n bass with a bit of funk. 2)Helen was born in Tehran, Iran to an Armenian family. She demonstrated her vocal talents as a very young child, and at the age of 15, she was accepted to the prestigious Tehran Conservatory of Music. During her rigorous music education, Helen´s studies were focused on opera as well as classical piano. Shortly after graduation, Helen set off to travel, journeying extensively throughout Europe from 1985 to 1995.

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Alexander Robotnick

Alexander Robotnick aka Maurizio Dami is an Italian electronic artist and DJ. He made his debut on the Italian music scene as the founding member of Avida, a "dance-cabaret band" featuring Daniele Trambusti and Stefano Fuochi. They released one record, "La Bustina" in 1981. In 1983 Maurizio attained international popularity under the pseudonym "Alexander Robotnick" with the release of "Problèmes D'Amour". The song became something of an underground classic and is cited as an influence by various electronic artists, especially within the electroclash genre.

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Codebreaker is anthemic. Codebreaker is electric. Codebreaker is criminally infectious. Codebreaker is Steven Hawley and Sage Schwarm, specialists at making summer magic all year round. An irresistible mix of the timeless, warm sound of funk with exciting modern extrapolations on disco, italo, electro, filter house & more..
Their last 12" single, “Follow Me” quickly caught the attention of world-class taste makers including The Juan MacLean (DFA/NYC), Bottin (Italians Do It Better/Venice), and The Outrunners (Valerie/FR), all of who gave the single remix treatments.

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Fred Ventura

FRED VENTURA Real Name: Federico di Bonaventura Bonaventura is one of the more prolific singers and producers of Italo-disco. He also sang using pseudonyms like Flexx, but his greatest success has been with the Fred Ventura releases. Releases: Zeit (1984)
The years (go by) (1985)
Leave me alone (Time Records, 1985)
Night and day (Time Records, 1986)
Wind of change (Time Records,1986)
Leave me alone (Time Records,1986)
Night an day (Time Records,1987)

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Chromatics originally hailed from Seattle as a quartet featuring vocalist Adam Miller, drummer Hannah Blilie, guitarist Devin Welch, and bassist Michelle Nolan. That lineup debuted in 2002 with a Calvin Johnson-produced 7" on Gold Standard Laboratories -- a split with Die Monitr Batss -- and followed with the similarly GSL-issued Chrome Rats Vs Basement Ruts LP. While Chrome Rats was critically hailed, Chromatics couldn't keep it together, and Miller was soon the only member in good standing (Blilie, Welch, and Nolan went on to form the similar-sounding Shoplifting).

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