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The Medics

There are two artists with this name:
1. A Dutch indie rock band
2. An Australian rock band 1. The Medics are an indie band which formed in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2008. Along the way, The Medics have been labeled as 'Morrissey on speed', but gain also heavy influences from bands like The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and The Killers. Early 2009 The Medics released a three song EP. In October 2010 The Medics released the first single called City. Their debut album Dance Into The Dark with the same titled single Dance into the dark has been be released at the end of august 2011.

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Free Peace

Free Peace is a three-piece rock band formed in August 2008 by Liverpool music maverick Edgar Jones, who writes the material, sings and plays bass. His nephew Nick Miniski is on drums and Stuart Gimblett plays lead guitar.
Their sound is loud and heavy but contains a lot of soul. Led Zep are a definite influence but The Jimi Hendrix Experience and the New Orleans soul sound are in there too. Like the great rock bands of the late 60s Free Peace is all about respecting the traditions of jazz r'n'b and soul music - something which Edgar feels a lot of the modern bands just don't do.

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The Last Shadow Puppets

The Last Shadow Puppets is a band that consists of Alex Turner of Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane of The Rascals. They released their debut album, The Age of the Understatement, on the 21st April 2008 in the U.K., and 6th May in the U.S. The album also features James Ford (producer and half of the duo Simian Mobile Disco) and string arrangements from Owen Pallett a.k.a Final Fantasy. The album went straight to number one in the U.K. Albums Chart.

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Modern Alarms

Dreams needed to be followed and passions expressed so 2009 gave rise to Modern Alarms
Now with a solid line up the band are producing intense, exciting, groove driven tunes that to experience live gives a true sense you're immersed in something special that very rarely comes around in music.
Confident and engaging and with ambition bigger than comprehension their ability to create music that evokes emotion in their audience is there for all to see. Born from a true respect of music and a desire to give their audience and themselves a reprieve from the daily grind.

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Poet meets Drummer Boy meets Guitar Hero meets Piano Man makes rock band. That is the short account of Van Susans. For the unabridged version of this story, search any good bookstore for ‘The Melodic Life of Van Susans’. The biography which is priced at the ridiculously handsome sum of 9.99 begins life in a suburban back alley garage come makeshift studio 7 years prior to Van Susans. This whimsically recollected page turner tells of Drummer Boy and Poets roots, their artisanal siblings and eventual ascent to the canopy of the magic faraway tree.

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Hip Parade

Hip Parade are a four-piece rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They shot to fame is 2008 in the Channel 4 show Orange UnsignedAct. The band performed a cover of New Order's 'Blue Monday' which won the praise from the shows judges including Alex James of Blur who told the band it was his all time favourite song. Hip Parade have been playing the underground scene for almost 7 years without being picked up. The band are now playing sold out shows across the UK.

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There are two bands called Argonaut. 1) Female-fronted alternative grunge band from the UK. Released their self-titled debut album Argonaut in November 2012 on Criminal Records, with track listing as follows: 1. Monet (4.02)
2. Touch Electric (2.51)
3. More Life (3.24)
4. 2. Lights (3.13)
5. They Can Buy You (3.05)
6. The Detail (3.15)
7. Vintage Dress (3.53)
8. Spectres (5.19)
9. Chemistry (3.18)
10. Sleep Tight (3.45)

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China Aster

China Aster are an English alternative Band from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. The band is composed of Joshua Moore (lead vocals, guitar), Oliver Marson (guitar), Luke Davies (Bass guitar), and George Le Page (drums, percussion). The Band's debut E.P is available on iTunes and Spotify now, and the singles have been released over Soundcloud for free. The album has received positive reviews from bloggers such as There goes the fear who said "Josh’s vocals are some of the best you will hear in 2012 all over Spotify, let alone for free on SoundCloud".

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1)Temple is a very underground band from Cologne (Germany). The second wave of krautrock, like PATER NOSTER, SIDDHARTA etc..., let's consider them a "space rock" band with funk, pre-doom and proto-punk elements. The music, full of mellotron, moog, organ, guitar fuzz... - Joachim Weiss / Bass
- Otto Bretnacher / Drums & percurssions
- Heinz Kramer , Rolf Foller / Guitars
- Zeus B. Held / Organ & keyboards
- Poseidon / vocals
- Pauline Fund / Vocals, Tambourine

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