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There are at least three artists called Slim: 1. Being in the music world for over a decade now, there is no other voice that quite compares to that of Marvin Scandrick III PKA “Slim”. Music has always been apart of his life. Although his first passion was completely different, the path he chose was definitely the right one. “Airplanes and being a pilot is what I was interested in.” says, Slim, “I was ALWAYS great in school, straight A’s, advanced placement, you know, a real book worm, singing was just a part of our life.

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There are at least 3 artists known under this name: 1) Fist (originally called Axe) was one of several early NWOBHM bands who were signed to MCA records at about the same time (others in this group were Quartz, Tygers Of Pan Tang, and White Spirit). Their sound wasn't too different from their contemporaries, with the exception being they had a slightly more melodic feel to their songs. Two albums were released, and like many other NWOBHM bands, they faded away soon after, disbanding in 1984.

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ChrisGoes(Australian) Billy’s new career was very much performance rather than hit driven. His group’s next albums where ‘Aztecs – Live’ (recorded at Melbourne Town Hall) and ‘Aztecs Live – At Sunbury’. The rise to popularity of this Aztecs coincided with the liberation of liquor regulations in Melbourne, bringing rock and roll out of the dances and clubs, and into the pubs. Despite or because of their volume, The Aztecs became the premier pub attraction.

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1: For people who dont know the DJ's name who put out all our favorite club and techno songs; this tag is for you.
2: Khán giả đã quen xem nhóm này diễn có đôi và những cuộc phỏng vấn thường có mặt cả 2 thành viên là Thúy Uyên và Kỳ Phương. Nhưng dưới đây là cuộc gặp gỡ với riêng Thúy Uyên để nghe cô nói về đồng nghiệp của mình. Uyên biết Phương từ thuở hắn mới 13-14 tuổi. Năm đó, Uyên tập thể dục ở Trung tâm Thể thao quận 1, còn Phương học múa dẻo, nhào lộn. Tình cờ ngó qua bên kia, thấy có một thằng nhỏ trắng bóc, tóc lại quăn giống y chang em trai mình.

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