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The Sequins

The Sequins are a band formed in Coventry, UK; originally in 2004. The current members consist of
Hywel Roberts
Justin Hui
Stephen Weirs
Donna Crawfords Previous members include:
Karthic Kukathasan
Rob Hinchliffe
Brendan Casey
The band have released two singles and an album through independent Tough Love Records. Their main influences are Roy Orbison, Talking Heads, Queen, The Smiths and The Ramones.

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Go Sailor

Go Sailor was a short-lived Berkeley based twee pop band. Its members included Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap and The Softies (guitar, vocals), Paul Curran of Crimpshrine (bass) and Amy Linton of Henry's Dress (drums). They recorded three 7" singles and a full-length CD on Lookout! Records in 1996, the latter of which collected the singles tracks and two compilation appearances. After their breakup their songs "Ray of Sunshine" and "Together Forever in Love" were included on the soundtrack to the movie But I'm a Cheerleader.

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There is more than one group under the name “Flowers”. 1. Flowers was the first name of Australian band Icehouse. In the years 1977-1980 they built a strong reputation in the Sydney pub circuit as a more intelligent, New Wave style band - at some contrast to the two guitars, drum and bass style that was otherwise popular at the time. Their popularity, but difficulty in finding an attractive recording deal, led them to be known as the most the popular band in Sydney without a record. This was finally resolved in 1980 with the release of their debut album.

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No Name

There is more than one artist with this name:
1) NO NAME is a stand alone sub-group of the Japanese idol group AKB48.
AKB48 received their first television anime series entitled AKB0048. This anime series is directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike, and is planned and supervised by AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto 9 members of AKB48 and its sister groups were selected to voice the main anime characters after a public audition.

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Billie Davis

Billie Davis...classic brit pop
She was a British pop star whose peak was the 5 years from 63-68 releasing tunes on Decca, Parlophone, Piccadilly and Columbia. She was a protege' of Robert Stigwood and recorded in studios helmed by contemporaries like Joe "telstar" Meek and Mike Vickers of Manfred Mann. She covered many tunes, including "Living In The Past" doing a brassy soulful take on a Jethro Tull song...

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Tall Poppies

The Tall Poppies are from Perth, Australia. So let’s not pretty this up now, for what they lack in enviable roots they make up for in charisma. There is indeed no-holds-barred at this party, and everyone’s invited.
They’re blissfully out of step with current fashions, but aren’t all the best bands? Although most bands think they are unique, few are. Tall Poppies, twins Susan and Catherine, are possibly inimitable. Their music is whimsically clever and the lyrical storytelling is enigmatically amusing while grasping the imagination and daring it to think outside the circle of the CD.

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