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Carmen Linares

Carmen Pacheco Rodríguez, born in Linares (Jaén) in 1951, is without doubt a fundamental pillar of all current flamenco singing, she masters a vast repertoire of flamenco styles due to her long experience. Her enormous versatility has allowed her to take part in zarzuelas (a Spanish form of musical drama), plays and several projects involving classical musicians and musicans from the world of jazz. Out of her works, the recording of an anthology of female flamenco singing is the one which stands out.

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Estrella Morente

A promise for the Flamenco altogether. Her career dates far back. At age four she sang Levante chants, at seven recorded with guitar master Sabicas and at sixteen impressed thousands during the opening ceremony for the Sierra Nevada World Ski Championships. Her craft has amazed hard-to-please flamencologists as well as rockers like Lenny Kravitz. Her genetics plays along. The father, Enrique Morente, is one of the greatest innovators of the 'cante' and they collaborated together in many projects.

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Refree es el alter ego de Raül Fernandez (Ex-Corn Flakes, ex-Sitcom, líder de Élena y periodista musical), uno de los personajes más inquietos de nuestra escena independiente. En 2002 publicó su álbum de debut "Quitamiedos". En Francia fue elegido por la exigente revista Magic! dentro de los 20 mejores discos internacionales del año, y Les Inrockuptibles destacó su espíritu lírico y preciosista. En Norteamérica...

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There are two artists with this name: 1) A native of Concord, MA, Campbell is an independent experimental music composer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, DJ, and all around weirdo. Campbell's tracks are usually produced on a laptop with a variety of sources, including guitars, synthesizers, odd ethnic instruments, and a plethora of obsolete technology. 2) Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Campbell brings unexplainable beauty to places where originality is scarce.

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Spanish electronic punk rock band formed in Mallorca, Balearic Islands in the year 1998. Since then, the expectation created by NeoTokyo, so much with its actions live as with its two first works, has given a lot to speak and are one of the most important references of the present underground music in Spain. Its industrial roots, melted with Japanese esthetics, ultramodern and at the same time traditional, its nature of multidisciplinary group, their love for Devo and Kraftwerk, drum n bass, dub.

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