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Fuck Off

There are mutliple artists with this name: 1) Fuck Off is a split-up Spanish band formed in 1986. They have two full length releases: Another Sacrifice and Hell On Earth. After Hell On Earth the band split-up in 1991. Josep Casas moved to a thrash band called Barbarian.

2) Fuck Off is a swedish constellation with Stefan Sundström, Johan Johansson & Guld-Lars (both from the Swedish punk band KSMB), Pappa Mats and maybe some other members.

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1) Omerta is a brutal metalcore band from Bruges, BE. They formed in 2004 and have one EP running called 'Blacken The Days of Man'. They are working on new songs. They played with bands like Burning Skies, All Shall Perish, Despised Icon, Whitechapel and The Black Dahlia Murder. Their current line-up:
- Pieter Vanderschaeghe (grunts - ex Tronius Mind)
- Frodo Neels (screams - ex Vanity, Reduced to a Whisper)
- Tijs Verbeke (guitar)
- Kenneth Lingier (guitar)

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ZA is a band of two guys and nine instruments. While their music coordinates include heavy distortion, thick bass rhythms and a taste for the “bright” side of death metal, their compositions vary from ancestral melodies to free-jazz, noise, psychedelia, the songs of the shepherds of Tuva, Monty Python, drone-rock, macho post-rock or even analog electronics. And a high percentage of that amalgam has to be displayed thru’ each single song, on and off-stage. Za is:

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There are two artists named Zahara: 1. Spanish singer-songwriter
2. South African singer-songwriter ----------------------------------- 1. Zahara (Spain) Como solista, Zahara ha lanzado un álbum, La Fabulosa Historia De... con la discográfica Universal, con Merezco como primer single (que a su vez es la canción oficial de La Vuelta Ciclista a España 2009). El disco ha llegado a la posición #23 de la lista de ventas, mientras que Merezco ha alcanzado la sexta posición. Zaharaeléctrica

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Silent Scream

There was more than one band named Silent Scream. One of them was a hardcore band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that was around from about 1987 to about 1989. More info: The other was a California based death/thrash band featuring the following:
#3 Demo(1991) and From The Darkest Depths Of The Imagination(1992) which was produced by Gene Hoglan. The band has 2 pages up at MySpace. The official bands URL is: and the fan page is

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