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Julia Harris

Julia Harris was born in Cardiff but spent the first few years of her life in Cape Town, South Africa whale watching and riding on the cable car up to Table Mountain. Life growing up in South Wales was full of adventure too, camping, singing around bonfires, mud sliding down hills in the country and putting on talent shows for the local kids in the street. At 7 Julia was given a Casio VL-1 Keyboard from Santa and started playing along to her parents record collection. Zeppelin, Floyd, Squeeze, Paul Simon and Motown classics made a big impact on her.

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Sylvie Lewis

Sylvie Lewis is a singer/songwriter, currently based in Rome, Italy. Born in London, England, she came to the United States in 1995 and studied at the Berklee College of Music. After some travelling, she relocated to Los Angeles, where her self-released EP "Beautiful Mess" was heard by Cheap Lullaby Records, and she was signed to a deal. She released her debut album Tangos and Tantrums in 2005 to good reviews, and has toured the United States and the United Kingdom since then.

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Goldstein is an Adelaide-based folk/roots band that formed in 2006. Their songs focus on the types of things they think typify the Australian way of life such as fishing with your mates, barbecues, watching sport and pubs. They have only recently finished recording their debut album Spurs on my Boots (of which the single Great Fishing was played on Triple J’s Roots n’ All show). Goldstein are currently playing their ‘urban folk’ tunes on the Adelaide pub circuit.

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Henry Priestman

“Trouble is, see….when you’re 25, your biog’s tiny…but when your 50+, it’s huge, man! (but stick with it… it might be worth it… Or scroll straight to 2008!” 1955
Born…Hull, East Yorkshire 1975
Moved to Liverpool…enrolled at Liverpool Art College…”cut off hair, took in flares” 1976 – 81
Founder member of (art school) band Yachts. An early incarnation of the band supported Sex Pistols at Liverpool Erics club in 1976, days after the infamous “Bill Grundy” TV debacle. October 1977, Yachts released cult single “Suffice To Say” on Stiff Records.

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