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Every Avenue

“Combining a highly imaginative and contemporary feel of modern rock with the driving energy of pop-punk, Every Avenue’s collective sound is a unique blend of The All-American Rejects and Fall Out Boy.” –South Florida Insider 2008 was a huge year for Marysville, Michigan natives Every Avenue, and even with their ever growing schedule, they show no signs of slowing down. The bands debut full-length album Shh. Just Go With It, which hit stores, February 19th, 2008 was produced by Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount (Mayday Parade, Cartel).

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The Limousines

The Limousines are an Electropop band based in the Bay Area, California. The band consists of songwriter and vocalist Eric Victorino, and multi-instrumentalist and producer Giovanni Giusti. The band has had comparisons drawn with MGMT. Victorino, who had previously performed with rock band Strata, stated that he was "tired of band politics" and "needed another outlet, one that wasn't quite as dark and heavy". Giusti and Victorino started the Limousines after communicating online and exchanged lyrics, music and recorded vocals online.

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The Standells

The Standells were a 1960s rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California who, like The Seeds, exemplified the style. The band was formed in 1962 by lead singer/organist Larry Tamblyn and guitarist Tony Valentino. The Standells' first hit single was Dirty Water, which reached #11 on the Billboard charts on June 11, 1966. Multiple urban myths exist about the origins of "Dirty Water", which has become a Boston radio staple.

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This Providence

This Providence (previously known as Sunday Best), is a four piece band from Seattle, Washington US. The members of This Providence came together in the summer of 2001 and soon after recorded a 4 song demo CD, under the short lived name of "T minus 1." In 2003 they recorded the better known The Sunday Best EP, co-produced, and self-released (now out of print). While still in high school, they gathered a strong local following as well as some label attention. After graduating, the band released their debut full-length record, Our Worlds Divorce, produced by Casey Bates.

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The Barracudas

This London-based Anglo-Canadian band, whose members include Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar), David Buckley (bass), and Nick Turner (drums), was formed in 1979 and scored a U.K. chart hit in 1980 with the neo-surf song "Summer Fun." Turner and Buckley left after the release of the first album Drop Out With the Barracudas (1981) and were replaced by Jim Dickson and Terry Smith. Chris Wilson also joined on guitar.

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NUDE refers to 6 bands : 1/ a German electronic band
2/ an American Indie-pop trio
3/ a French Rock band
4/ a Slovenian rock band
5/ a danish band fronted by Kenneth Thordal
6/ a now-disbanded Japanese rock band 1/
Nude is an electronic act from Germany. The band consists of Marc Werner, Isabelle Gernand and Thorsten Stier. According to Werner, approximately 250 other artists have contributed through mixes. Nude's debut album "Fake Credibility" was released in summer 2006.

Read more about Nude on Last.fm.

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Baby Bitch

Baby Bitch were the finest rock 'n' roll band to ever disgrace a stage. Combining infectious pop melodies with punk energy and a metallic stomp, accompanied with a twisted sense of humour and an unhealthy fixation with Crispin Glover, their unforgettable tunes and charismatic presence were utterly irresistable. Formed in 2005, the lineup consisted of: Stephen James Buckley - Vocals/Guitar
Wayne Cole - Drums/Vocals
Adam Kendall - Guitar/Vocals
Sean Womack - Bass The Bitch gigged extensively throughout the UK, and picked up a loyal following. Mostly young and female.

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Set It Off

There are multiple artists with this name:
1) Set It Off is a band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 2008. Members include: Cody Carson (vocals, guitar), Zach Dewall (guitar, vocals), Austin Kerr (bass, vocals), Maxx Danziger (drums) and Dan Clermont (synth, vocals). They're too awesome for words. Cody started the band after singing "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" on stage with All Time Low. 2) Set It Off are an alternative rock band from somewhere in Gloucestershire, England. They formed in late 2006 and have with funk and electronica influences.

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