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The Do or Dies

Formed in January 2007 and based in London/Woking, The Do or Dies are Andrew (Bass), Richard (Vocals and Guitar), Steve (Vocals and Drums) and Becky Warwick (Violin and Vocals). like Interpol or Joy Division mixed good time dance-style beats melodies that stick in the brain for days after hearing. Individually the members bring a love of blues, indie, dance and epic soundscape music and manage to contain all these influences without ever becoming a copy of them. Tags: 
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White Van Fugitives

White Van Fugitives began jamming as a three piece, experimenting with different genres and styles of music. From there they recorded a live demo with Shaun Evans and are currently writing more material during their search for a vocalist. James Morgan - Electric Guitar
Michael Morris - Bass
Lee Haxton - Drums

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Juliana Hatfield

Juliana Hatfield (born July 27, 1967 in Wiscasset, Maine, United States), is an American guitarist/singer-songwriter from the Boston area, formerly of the indie rock band Blake Babies. The daughter of Philip M. Hatfield (a radiologist) and The Boston Globe fashion critic Julie Hatfield, Juliana was born in Maine and grew up in the Boston suburb of Duxbury. She acquired a love of rock music during the 1970s, having been introduced by a babysitter to the music of the seminal Los Angeles punk rock band X, which proved a life-changing experience.

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Jump: Press A

Jump: Press A are an Edinburgh based indie/pop/rock band who have been compared to the likes of Garbage, Muse and Placebo. Their songs are multi-layered mini-epics with dark lyrics that strike hard against a background of quirky riffs and pop driven melodies. It leaves a strawberry aftertaste. The band formed in much the same way as most bands - around a table at an open mic night. Impressed with each others' alcohol fueled musical efforts, they decided that, perhaps, together they could be more than a few drunks with instruments and a mild obsession with vocal harmony.

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Sleeper Service

Sleeper Service are a Leeds based folk/alt-rock collective started by Rory Evers and Will Tapply over the summer of 2008.
The duo began writing songs together whilst still in school and Sleeper Service is their newest manifestation, the genesis of which occurred in early June 2008. Enlisting the help of numerous fellow Leeds musicians: guitarist/mandolin player Jay Ramsurran, pianist/singer Emer MacManus, Henry Ruddell on organ and synths, Dave Walker on drums and James on bass guitar, the band are currently recording a full length album.

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Cue To Eclipse

Cue To Eclipse are a Progressive Post-Hardcore type band from the South of England. Bournemouth may not be known for it’s thriving music scene, but here is a band to prove that misconception wrong, having already been compared to the greats such as Deftones, Isis & Thrice! All about the songs & the intense live show, Cue To Eclipse put everything of themselves into the music & are about to make their presence known!

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Cwtch (pronounced 'kutch') is a musical collaboration between Marie Craven (Pixieguts) and Paul Foster (Dementio13). Cardiff-based Dementio13 and Australia-based Pixieguts became online collaborators in 2008. The music is a mixture of melodic , -tinged and with impressionistic lyrics and themes. Lyrics are from the writings of Pixieguts, TRavvy, Titee, Nita Disaster, Adrian Carter, Reconsiderate, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Dementio13, Gunda G.

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