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The Do or Dies

Formed in January 2007 and based in London/Woking, The Do or Dies are Andrew (Bass), Richard (Vocals and Guitar), Steve (Vocals and Drums) and Becky Warwick (Violin and Vocals). like Interpol or Joy Division mixed good time dance-style beats melodies that stick in the brain for days after hearing. Individually the members bring a love of blues, indie, dance and epic soundscape music and manage to contain all these influences without ever becoming a copy of them. Tags: 
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Afghan Whigs

American band the Afghan Whigs were a soul-influenced, alternative rock band that was mainly active in the 1990s. While achieving only moderate commercial success, the Afghan Whigs attracted ample critical acclaim and deeply loyal fans, Rolling Stone described the band as spending "the bulk of their career on the brink of stardom", yet they've "never quite broken beyond a substantial legion of devotees enamored of their thinly veiled sleaze."

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HEBEPHRENIC are a rock/metal band that mixes raw power and atmospheric melody in equal parts, they merge influences from a wide span of genres and create something that is distinctly their own. HEBEPHRENIC were formed in the summer of 2002. After developing a strong local following which led to several packed local shows, the band began to travel further afield and have taken their unique brand of metal up and down the country, sharing stages with bands ranging from Cthonic, Devil Sold his Soul, Beyond All Reason, British Sea Power, to, bizarrely, Liberty X!

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White Van Fugitives

White Van Fugitives began jamming as a three piece, experimenting with different genres and styles of music. From there they recorded a live demo with Shaun Evans and are currently writing more material during their search for a vocalist. James Morgan - Electric Guitar
Michael Morris - Bass
Lee Haxton - Drums

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The Almost

The Almost is the band of Aaron Gillespie, the former drummer/clean vocalist of Underoath from Clearwater, Florida, United States started in 2005. Aaron stated that this band is much more of a traditional rock project than Underoath. A Monster Monster is on the loose. The Almost

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Front End Loader

Based in Sydney, Australia, Front End Loader are self-described as "Australia's least popular, relatively well known band". Formed in 1991 FEL have always been a difficult band to categorize. Undeniably a hard rock band, they have avoided the traditional tattoos and hair of hard rock and as musicians, they tend closer to cock or math rock without the earnestness. Front End Loader have been supported by the likes of Regurgitator, The Superjesus and Shihad plus many others. They have a reputation for ferocious live performances and not holding their collective tongue.

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Jump: Press A

Jump: Press A are an Edinburgh based indie/pop/rock band who have been compared to the likes of Garbage, Muse and Placebo. Their songs are multi-layered mini-epics with dark lyrics that strike hard against a background of quirky riffs and pop driven melodies. It leaves a strawberry aftertaste. The band formed in much the same way as most bands - around a table at an open mic night. Impressed with each others' alcohol fueled musical efforts, they decided that, perhaps, together they could be more than a few drunks with instruments and a mild obsession with vocal harmony.

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