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Belvedere was a canadian / band formed in 1995. Originally not meant to play a show, they gained a cult following in Canada's scene. Known for their blazing speed and vocals, the band also appeared on the Warped Tour and Groezrock Festival bills.
Taking their name from the '80s sitcom, Belvedere began in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1995 as the three-piece of Steve Rawles (guitar/vocals), Brock (bass), and Dan Hrynuik (drums).

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GST Cardinals

Kingston upon Hull, UK (2005-Present) GST Cardinals are a five-piece british indie rock band from Kingston upon Hull, UK. Formed in 2005 by songwriting partners Dave Sinclair (vocals) and Matthew Robinson (lead guitar) as well as drummer Ollie Boyce. After several changes, rhythm guitarist Alex Day and bassist Ryan Thornton completed the current lineup. As well as constantly playing live around Great Britain, the band has toured the USA twice, Germany twice and also played in Sweden.

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1. Hardcore band from Ashtabula, Ohio on A389 Records. 2. Homewrecker was formed early 2006 in Sydney, Australia playing Hardcore Punk in the vein of Boston bands such as Give up the Ghost, Panic and The Suicide File. They released their first 7” EP ‘On The Rocks’ on Rhyme Pays Records in April of 2007. Later that year they played the annual Resist Records Hardcore showcase and ended the year with a tour with Perth band Miles Away.

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Area 7

There is more than one artist with this name 1. an Australian, punk, ska punk band formed in 1994 2. A Peruvian all female Nu Metal band formed in 1999 1. Area-7 rose from the ashes of Madness cover band Mad Not Madness. In 1994 three members, Dugald McNaughtan (keyboards), Charles "Chucky T" Thompson (guitar) and Dan Morrison (drums) left the group and began to write their own songs. They formed a band and named it after a lyric from The Specials' Dawning of a New Era.

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The SunS were a rock band from Singapore who made a name for themselves in the australian independent music scene when they relocated to Melbourne to live the rock'n'roll life on the East Coast. Playing with bands such as Bagster and Sounds Like Chicken, the friendships made witht the band will always be remembered. Drummer Wayne Thunder passed away in Singapore in 2007, much to the music community shock and sadness.

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