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A band from Belgium
Raketkanon’s debutalbum brings some steaming noiserock with elements of the Melvins sludgy sound, Tomahawk’s experiment and the chaotic pyschedelia of the early Butthole Surfers.
All four members have a strong musical cv with vocalist Pieter Paul Devos having his other band Kapitan Korsakov, tomàn drummer Lode Vlaeminck switching here to bassynths, drummer Pieter De Wilde being active as well in Raveyards and guitarplayer Jef Verbeeck having a past in several extreme metalbands.

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Hands On Heads

HANDS ON HEADS are a dysfunctional pop group from London, writing abrupt, to the point, non-repetitive songs about unrequited friendship, romantic potential, the supernatural everyday, righteous joy and expectation. Their songs rarely scale the dizzying heights of the two minute mark, relying on shock and awe songwriting tactics to get their message across. The band doesn't believe in reiteration, they make a point with emphasis, then move on to the next fractured song of double-speed dynamics and feral abandon.

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TAB The Band

TAB the Band are a rock power trio from Duxbury, Massachusetts formed in 2006. They were formed by Tony Perry (guitar), Adrian Perry (bass, vocals), and Ben Tileston (drums). They have released two EPs (The Xmass EP, The 34% Louder EP) and two full-length albums. (Pulling Out Just Enough To Win and Long Weekend.)

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1) Celebration is a psychedelic soul band based out of Baltimore Md. Celebration is comprised of singer Katrina Ford, multi-instrumentalist Sean Antanaitis and drummer David Bergander... and additional rotating memebers: Walker Teret plays bass, sometimes guitar, percussion and backing vocals, Tony Drummond, plays keys, percussion and backing vocals, Tommy Rouse plays guitar and percussion.
In the beginning the band as a three piece's sound was centered around the unique output provided by all the instruments played by Antanaitis in the studio as well as live.

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