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Fiel Garvie

Based in Norwich, England, Fiel Garvie is one of the United Kingdom's most enigmatic and innovative pop music ensembles. After a previous collaboration in the acclaimed quartet Passing Clouds in the early 1990s (Protect Your Paper Ears EP, Creation's Happy Reel EP), Anne Reekie and Adam Green formed Fiel Garvie in 1996, along with Greg MacDermott and Jude Bugden. MacDermott had previously played with Jane Pow! in the 1990s (and currently also plays with the Japanese-pop / art-punk outfit Hyper Kinako).

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Majestic 12

There are at least 3 groups named Majestic 12. 1) A Wu-Tang Clan affiliated R&B group consisting of producer C12 (real name Carlos Bess, who has produced for Ghostface Killah and Shabazz The Disciple) and his wife Madam Majestic who has made appearances on various Wu-Tang Clan projects. They released their debut album For Majic Eyes Only in 2006. 2) Czech electronic music duo composed of Tom

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io echo

Working on their debut album which blends grand, romantic and dark songs with unique textures such as chinese violins and koto harps. In the meantime, the band has opened for The Big Pink, Florence and The Machine, The Drums, and Nine Inch Nails and they have recently composed the score to the Harmony Korine + James Franco film "Rebel"

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SWIM are Joe Boyle and Richard Williams. Since a chance meeting in their adolescent years, the duo have been making music together. Surrounded by records of over 60 years of popular music, and trying to make the grey London skies feel like warmer climes an ocean away, the band are influenced by the synths and styles of their 80s heroes, from the likes of Talking Heads and New Order to the lush shoegaze discord of My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins. Crafting escapist, sun-kissed pop, SWIM garner their own, original sound, complemented by an endearing, soaring vocal.

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Dean Garcia

Dean Garcia was born in Kentish Town, London. He left school at 15 and is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist playing bass, guitar and drums to name a few. He's known primarily for his writing, performing and production work with Curve, SPC ECO, and The Eurythmics. While his main focus is with his band SPC ECO (with his daughter Rose Berlin, Joey Levenson, and Perry Pelonero), he is also currently composing for, performing with, and producing the bands The Black Holes, The Chronologic, Inkraktare, The Secret Meeting, KGC and his newest project Morpheme.

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Secret Shine

Secret Shine is a shoegaze band from Bristol, Britain. They released their first material on the legendary Sarah Records Label. Their first single was "After years", Sarah 53, 1990, and their 10-track debut album "Untouched" was released in 1993 (Sarah 613). The band stopped playing music around about the beginning of 1996. But in 2005 they reappeared, releasing two EPs, "Elemental" and "Beyond sea and sky".
Their latest release is "All of the Stars", on April 8th 2008 from Clairecords. Official Website

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Magic Mountain

Years ago they were in a band called this dumb desire, which burnt out, but was always cool.
In 2010 Ashley and James got together one cold wet winter afternoon in Nottingham for a music session. They weren't sure what would happen, but what transpired led to a song and a distinctive sound. Magic Mountain was born. Facebook Page:
http://www.facebook.com/magicmountainband Myspace Page:

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Slowdive is a / band that formed in 1989 in Reading, England, United Kingdom. Signed to Creation Records in 1990 and initially championed by the British music press, the band scored a UK top forty entry with their debut album Just for a Day. The band consists of Rachel Goswell (vocals/guitar), Neil Halstead (vocals/guitar), Nick Chaplin (bass), Christian Savill (guitar), and Simon Scott (drums, 1990-1994, 2014-present); additionally, Ian McCutcheon replaced Scott from 1994-1995. Goswell and Halstead had known each other since early childhood in Reading, Berkshire.

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