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The Rain Band

The Rain Band were a Manchester three-piece formed in 2001, comprising Richard Nancollis (vocals/keyboards), Mark Lee (guitar/keyboards/programming), Stephen Taylor (bass). They were signed to the Universal/Island subsidiary label, Temptation Records, in 2001. They split at the beginning of 2004, but had written and demoed around twenty new songs which never saw the light of day - save for some sneak previews on the now-defunct band website, and at their last few gigs - but were said to have shown the band at their matured best.

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There is more than one artist with the name Embrace, the first two of whom are significant:
1) a five-piece indie band from Leeds, England, who have enjoyed significant success in UK, including three number one albums and six Top 10 singles
2) a Post-Hardcore/Post-Punk band from Washington D.C. that had a galvanizing influence on the Washington, D.C. punk scene of the 80's and featured Ian MacKaye (who subsequently formed Fugazi)
3) a Dutch Trance duo
4) a Canadian Gothic Metal band

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Dogstand are a "prog-pop" band from Bromley in Kent (South-East London) and formed in 2000. The band were formed from the ashes of brit-pop band Bum!, and led by songwriter and guitarist Graeme Martin. They have multiple influences including brit-pop, progressive rock, punk and techno. The current line-up stands as Graeme Martin (Lead vocals, guitar), Carli Dogstand (Lead vocals, sax, recorder), Paul Langford (Lead guitar),Si Keefe (Bass), Leo VK (Keyboards) and Jimmy "Dirty Boy" Martin (Drums).

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Peter Wolfe (more commonly known as Wolfman) is a London musician of the band Wolfman and the Side-Effects. He is also a friend and the alleged corrupter of Pete Doherty. They also often support Doherty's band, Babyshambles, and used to support The Libertines. His biggest single, "For Lovers", reached No.7 in the UK charts. Although it was written by Wolfman and Doherty, neither made much revenue from the song's popularity. It did, however, give Wolfe some media attention and increased his fanbase.

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JINSKI is a band featuring the work of songwriter STEVE JINSKI and guitar player DAVE KENNEDY. Their musical territory spans acoustic roots and rugged country blues.
JINSKI’s new album ‘HURRY HOME’ offers ‘a consistently appealing brand of intelligent songwriting’ (Rock ‘N’ Reel magazine) with ‘an uncanny knack of nailed on brilliant tunes...a collection of carefully crafted and beautifully sculptured songs’. The Crack magazine (July ’08)

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Beat The Radar

BTR began following a chance meeting in the sandwich section of Marks & Sparks. A short time later, they recorded a new demo at Blueprint Studios, supported Midnight Juggernauts / Hatcham Social / The Rushes / Das Wanderlust/ The Chapman Family / Leon & joined forces with Lazy Genius Management. The band’s distinctive music is centred on a unique combination of trans-Atlantic 80s indie guitar, rhythmical aggression and lyrical charm; inspired by personal tales of hometown apathy and drunken arguments.

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