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Beecake, a Glasgow, Scotland-based band, consists of four members: Billy Boyd (Vocals, Guitar) John Crawford (Vocals, Drums) Billy Johnston (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards) Rick Martin (Vocals, Bass). They are also previously known as "The Angel's Share". Billy Boyd is also known as the actor who played Peregrin 'Pippin' Took in the Lord of The Rings trilogy movie. More info about them from their page:

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San Toy

San Toy are an alternative/rock/reggae five piece from Govan, Glasgow. We don't claim to sound different from everyone else, we only try to be as original and keep our music as true to our own expressions as we can. Started out as a group of friends getting together for a jam. By 2005 we had a line up ready to write and record our own material . Initially we wrote more than 20 songs which we whittled down to 11 for our live set and album.

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Cinematics started life as the Rebel Style, then International Rescue then Cosmetix. The axis of the group was always Gregg Electric guitar and Tim Vass bass, joined at various times by Pete Keady, Ian Shaw and Colin Rodgers. Released the "Farewell To The Playground" ep on their own Pulsebeat label. A few years later emerged on Creation records as Razorcuts.

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Spacehopper were a four piece band started in Glasgow in 1990
Dave Spacehopper-guitar/vocals.
Sarah Spacehopper-guitar
Dave Bass-Bass
Punk rock art noise terror.We were looking to scare as well as entertain.
We were into all sorts KLF,Dead Kennedys,Young Gods you get the idea.
released a couple of singles through Creeping Bent records based in Glasgow.Milk metal(creepingbent 001)and a joint single with the Secret Goldfish Mars Bonding/Venus Bonding.The singer David then moved to Denmark and that was that.

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The Martial Arts

The Martial Arts was originally the name used by singer/guitarist Paul Kelly when his demos were released on two compilations by Swedish label Groover Recordings. Having found his music via the internet, they invited him to record an album in Stockholm with Shout Out Louds producer Ronald Bood. With not one live appearence to their name, the band recorded their debut EP 'Do It Riot Grrl' in their hometown of Glasgow and then in August 2005, made the trip to Stockholm and recorded their debut album 'Your Sinclair'.

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Member Of The Wedding

Member of the Wedding are a mixed sex beat combo from Glasgow. There are three of them - Rory who sings and strums the guitar, Louisa who plays bass and keyboards and Stephen who thumps the tubs and keeps the other two in time. Outside of the band, Rory relaxes by pretending he's agrophobic, Louisa competes in international knitting tournaments and Stephen cultivates a secret moustache, much like Ringo Starr's. They all admire Scott Walker, Orange Juice, The Monks and The Go-Betweens. They watch Harold & Maude whenever they can.

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Miss The Occupier

Forming in Glasgow in 2003, Miss The Occupier stick to the three-piece ethic of small is good; songs are punchy, pacy and generally loud. New EP The Heart Is Deceitful (Above All Things) is available to download from Monday 15th March.
"Their heavily Sonic Youth-influenced yin matches their Britpop yang - like a raw Sleeper crossed with a placid Siouxsie and the Banshees - perfectly and with tracks like 'Girlfriend Go Crazy' in their arsenal, they're on the verge of great things." Culture Deluxe April 2007

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Named after a dysfunctional movie character, Aames is an indie-pop-rock band made up of two Scotsmen, an Englishman and a Welshman, (insert your own punchline…). They’re based in Glasgow and are fond of melody and loud guitars in equal measures. Influences include the Killers, Nick Cave and Two Door Cinema Club. Official Site:
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