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There are twelve different artists under this name: 1. Catharsis was an band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, releasing their albums through the CrimethInc. collective. Their singer, Brian, was editor of the political fanzine Inside Front and later went on with other ex-members of Catharsis to form the band Requiem. 2. Catharsis was a French band who released albums during the 1970's. Their first album, "Masq" (1971), was a mixture of formless chanting, hypnotic melodies, prominent percussion, Arabic styles, and experimental songcraft.

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Patch William

Patch William officially started in the summer of 2007 with their first gig at Bristol University. The band consists of Ed and Will, who are brothers, George, one of their old friends, and Ali, a recent addition to the band since recording. For their first year playing the band conscientiously gigged around London, recorded at home and promoted themselves culminating in a lucky run-in with producer Steve Levine. Having heard them play Steve quickly signed the band to his label, Hubris records, in the summer of 2008.

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Warning (also known as Warning!, WARNING!, the Warning!) was a hungarian Neo-Classical/Progressive Metal band in the middle of 90's.
They released their first MC in 1994, called "Van Kiút!" and one year later, their CD came out (Instrumentality), but then, they split up. Their line-up was:
- Henrik Holb (bass, vocals) (1994)
- László Koós (bass) (1995)
- László Lukács (keys, drum machine, lead singer)
- Péter Lukács (guitars, drum machine, lead singerl)
- Gábor Ozsvárt (drum)

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1) Ablaze is a 23 year old hip hop artist with a half Australian half Greek-Cypriot nationality, born and mostly raised in Nicosia. He has been participating in urban events across the island for the last 6 years. His name rings a bell in every city in the island hence ha has hosted and performed from clubs, private events, raves to beach parties. Furthermore, he has spread his lyrical skills internationally some example range from Lebanon(Beirut), UK(London, Birmingham) and the list goes on… 2) South brazillian melodic death metal with thrash metal and progressive influences band Ablaze.

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Two bands by this name: 1) NYC punk band circa 83-87 2) A neo-classical / progressive / power / melodic metal band featuring former Rising Force vocalist Mark Boals; guitar virtuoso Tony Macalpine, bass player Philip Bynoe and Virgil Donati on drums (Tony, Philip and Virgil have also played in Steve Vai band. Keyboards virtuoso Vitalij Kuprij also played in this band, but was replaced by Steve Weingart in 2003.

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Vinnie Moore

Vinnie Moore plays melodic instrumental rock. He began to play the guitar at the age of 12 and joined his first band 3 years later. Since 2003, he has played guitar for the British hard rock band UFO. Along with Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony MacAlpine, and others, Moore is often cited as one of the greatest shred guitar artists of all time. Vinnie is endorsed by Ernie Ball MusicMan guitars, and constantly supports them by doing clinic tours, also, he recently got a new amp sponsorship. Vinnie recently signed an endorsement with Dean Guitars.

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There is more than one band by the name Rhapsody: 1) Rhapsody (now known as Rhapsody of Fire) is a band from Italy, but have been "on hold" since 2008. A new album has been announced, "The Frozen Tears of Angels", billed for release in March. They incorporate music, and styles. The classical influences include such composers as Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Niccolò Paganini, and Antonin Dvořák. Their songs are also heavily influenced by power metal in general and their lyrics are fantasy-themed.

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