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Al Di Meola

Al Di Meola's highly celebrated career has spanned a wide range of emotions into a unique style embodying the artists world inspired influences. From the velocity and heat of his early solo efforts to the challenge and triumph of the "Di Meola / McLaughlin / De Lucia (Guitar Trio)", from the Brazilian explorations of "Cielo e Terra" and "Soaring Through A Dream" to the global romanticism and Tango inflection of Al's acoustic group "World Synfonia" (self titled debut) and the 2nd "World Sinfonia" recording Heart of the Immigrants.

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Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner played guitar in the funk band Ohio Players, but left the band in the mid 80s to persue a solo career, which resulted in the LP "Sugar Kiss", a very cool slice of synth-driven, Prince-inspired mutant funk.

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Zakk Wylde

Jeffery Phillip Wiedlandt (Born January 14, 1967 in Bayonne, New Jersey), better known as Zakk Wylde, was the lead guitarist in Ozzy Osbourne's band and has also found success playing lead guitar in his own band, Black Label Society, who have been a part of the Ozzfest tour many times, having guitarist Nick Catanese on the rhythm section. Zakk has been voted "Most Valuable Player" for three successive years in the "Guitar World" (US) magazine polls.

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(There is also a Polish Rock band called Daktyl, although there is little information available for them).
Daktyl is one of those producers whose name couldn’t be anymore suited in describing his ability behind his productions. Having spent many years playing piano, pressured by his parents he began to learn the craft, which unknown to him at the time had added an assailment of skills to his production belt. Like Daktyl on Facebook -

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Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay (born May 28, 1953, Richmond, Virginia) is an American , , record and . He's probably best known as a founding member of the influential band DNA, though his work after DNA has been quite prolific. He has a distinctive soft voice and an often noisy, self-taught guitar style comprised almost entirely of extended techniques, described by Brian Olewnick "studiedly naïve ... sounding like the bastard child of Derek Bailey"; his guitar work is contrasted frequently with gentler, sensuous Brazilian music themes.

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Bella Kardasis

Born in the UK in 1984, to a multicultural family, Bella began playing the guitar at age 15 whilst living in Copenhagen, DK.
Originally heavily influenced by fingerpicking guitar works of John Williams, Ralph Towner and melodic composition of Yul Anderson, who frequently played in Copenhagen city centre. It wasn't until 2008 she started experimenting with integrating percussive techniques after witnessing the posibilities in levels of texture created by Thomas Leeb, Erik Mongrain, Kaki King and Newton Faulkner.

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