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Wyn Williams

On yer Bus!
iTunes fail to get ‘A Little Bit’ right iTunes has been hitting the headlines recently with its announcement that PWiPs (People Without iPods) will be able to buy music from them. And listen to it. Great news indeed, pop pickers. All the more reason then that you would think that one Wyn Williams, an artist just releasing his debut ep on iTunes that features his song “On the Buses”, would have a reason to be cheerful. As well as being Welsh, that is.

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Lita Ford

Lita Ford (born Carmelita Rossanna Ford on September 19, 1958 in London, U.K.) is a hard rock singer and guitarist who achieved popularity during the 1980s. Ford was born in London but is of Italian heritage. She moved with her family to the United States while still very young. She began playing the guitar at age 11. In 1976 at the age of 17 she became one of the founding members of the legendary teenage all-female proto-punk-metal band The Runaways. There she played lead guitar.

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Freddie White

Freddie White has long been synonymous with music of the highest quality. Whether interpreting songs by his favourite writers, such as Randy Newman, Tom Waits, John Hiatt and Guy Clark, or performing his own classy compositions, Freddie’s live performances are nothing short of legendary. Freddie has been part of the fabric of the live music scene in Ireland since the 1970’s and his albums continue to sell well, amongst his loyal and new-found fan base.

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Kreg Viesselman

Kreg Viesselman was born in Wells, Minnesota and currently lives in Oslo, Norway. Recordings:
"The Pull" Red Kite Records, 2006
"Kreg Viesselman" Self-released, 2003
"Many Rivers" PME Records, 2000 (out of print) Other Appearances:
"Hold Me Up To the Light" (Peter Wilde Tribute), various artists
"This Great Land", PME Records, by David Gilligan
"Remembering Achilles", by David Gilligan
"The Good, The Bad, and the Red Glory Ramblers", by Danny Shafer

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Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner played guitar in the funk band Ohio Players, but left the band in the mid 80s to persue a solo career, which resulted in the LP "Sugar Kiss", a very cool slice of synth-driven, Prince-inspired mutant funk.

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Tony Wilson

Vancouver's Coastal Jazz and Blues hails him as "unquestionably one of the most original guitar stylists on the Canadian scene". Down Beat Magazine entitles him as "...a talismanic West Coast figure." On 'Horse's Dream', his first solo-based guitar recording, Tony Wilson taps into the history of jazz and blues with his compositions. They shift from Leadbelly

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The Outlaws

There is more than one Outlaws on 1. The Outlaws are Southern rock band formed in Tampa, FL.
2. The Outlaws were a house band for Joe Meek's recording studio. --- 1) The Outlaws are Southern rock band formed in Tampa, FL in 1972 by singers/guitarists Hughie Thomasson and Henry Paul, bassist Frank O'Keefe, and drummer Monte Yoho. With the 1973 addition of guitarist Billy Jones, the lineup was complete...

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Peter Finger

There are at least two artists with the name Peter Finger:
1) a German acoustic guitarist
2) a DJ and musician, originally from Adelaide, Australia 1) Peter Finger (born in Weimar, Germany in 1954) is a German acoustic guitarist. Raised in a musical family (his father was a conductor), Finger began studying the violin and piano at age six. As a teenager, Finger

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Bernard Butler

Bernard Butler (born on 1 May 1970, in Stamford Hill, North London), is a musician and record producer. He first achieved fame in 1992 as the guitarist with Suede, at the time an instant phenomenon in UK pop music. He co-wrote and played on every track until 1994, when he left Suede over personal tensions within the band during the recording of their second album, Dog Man Star. Butler formed the duo McAlmont & Butler with David McAlmont. They released two singles, Yes and You Do. A compilation album, The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler, was released after the split.

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