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There are several artists with this name: 1. A Dutch indie band from Eindhoven/Horst. Momentarily they are in rest. The band made it through to the European finals of one of the biggest bandcontests in de world. Leadsinger Aran Jeurissen nowadays performs solo as Songs Of Aran. 2. A UK based, socially conscious downtempo group fronted by musician and social activist Seth Mowshowitz – himself of Canadian, American and Dutch origin. Their music is characterised by the mixing of humanitarian voices including Martin Luther King, Kurt Vonnegut and Jimmy Carter with downtempo beats.

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B. Dolan

Somewhere at the dark fringe of the griot tradition exists B. Dolan, effortlessly shifting shape between an activist, a poet, a musician, and a performance artist. Since 2001, a series of gritty, spectacular performances have earned Dolan considerable notoriety; both for their controversial and challenging subject matter, and the brutal intensity with which they are delivered. "The Failure," Dolan's debut release, represents the most comprehensive collection of his recordings, works, and performances to date.

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Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip listened to great wordsmiths.
Scroobius Pip started to write.
Scroobius Pip records his rhymes.
Scroobius Pip makes beats with Emonomy, Overview & Flames.
Scroobius Pip records album with Overview, Rosco Illa & Emonomy.
Scroobius Pip drives around the country in a gold space cruiser.
Scroobius Pip gets nominated for beard of the year by Save the Shave Monthly Magazine
Scroobius Pip gets remixed by dan le sac.

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Singer Songwriter
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Lenny Henry

Lenworth George Henry CBE (born 29 August 1958), better known as Lenny Henry, is an English entertainer. Early life
Henry was born in Dudley, Worcestershire, the son of parents who migrated to England from Jamaica in the 1950s. He studied at Sledmere Primary School, Bluecoat Secondary Modern School, WR Tewson School, and Preston college. He graduated with a degree in English literature from the Open University on April 28, 2007.

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