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There are multiple artists by this name. 1 is a character in the Musical Nickelodeon Movie 'Spectacular!' played by Nolan Gerard Funk. Here is info about the other Nikko:
"Hovering between melancholic barroom balladry and thunderous post-rock, Nikko inhabit a niche in the Brisbane music scene all of their own, a Gothic Western sound that lays the atmospherics on thick and never lets the tension slip

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Sam Beer

Sam Beer is the latest in a long line of English singer songwriters to take their inspiration from American delta blues but infuse it with a distinctively British sensibility. His finger-picking guitar style, everyday observational lyrics and unusual vocal style put him strongly in the traditional of off-beat English blues and folk singers such as Kevin Coyne and Richard Thompson. Beer has self-released a solo e.p. (Carrier Pigeon) and, in October 2006, his debut album Evening Songs, on which he is joined by drums, bass and a string section.

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There are more than one band under this name: 1) Harbinger is a band formed in 1997 in Berkeley, California featuring three prominent members from the East Bay punk scene: Robert Eggplant (vocals/guitar), formerly of Blatz, The Hope Bombs, and editor of the zine Absolutely Zippo, Aaron Cometbus (drums), founding member of Crimpshrine and author of legendary punk zine Cometbus, John Geek (bass/vocals) of Fleshies and the S.P.A.M. Records collective.

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"At the first listening Truculent, marking the minds and ears, in addition to the instrumental mastery of members, especially this place of freedom that give their music seems to escape, inventive improvisation. This envy that transparent rules out music, probably related to some be-bop influences. But nothing seems no longer be left to chance to get there, we certainly feel the many hours of rehearsals of the group to achieve this cohesion . Truculent members take their project to heart, and this is reflected in the quality of their records and their journey to date. "

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There are at least 2 Artists called 'Maksim'
(1) A Croation Pianist
(2) A Hip-Hop MC from Britain (1) Maksim is a Croation pianist, for the Russian singer see ???S??. Maksim was born in Croatia, Sibenik, a small, but beautiful medieval town on Croatias Adriatic Coast, the odds seemed stacked against Maksim achieving his dream.
His mother Slavica and father Karmel knew nothing about classical music (even now they still prefer to listen to pop music on the radio).

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Rescue Rangers

Fall 2005, a group of stoner from the south of France (who just giggle at the back of the room as I frames?) we unclog savagely eardrums blow slats good rockin, bass thumping at will and a heat wave that was feeling damn good to hear. Name: Rescue Rangers, the subject of crime: Masters of the middle finger, an EP 4 tracks urgent and angry, which feels like big fat rock run along the Grand Canyon, under a blazing sun (in the rain Nord-Pas de Calais, the pleasure was not the same ... obviously).

Read more about Rescue Rangers on Last.fm.

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