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Several artists have used the name "Evolver", mainly: 1. A swedish indie electronic pop group formed by Giovanni Bucchieri, Alex Maksic and Hugo Therkelson in Stockholm with influences ranging from Depeche Mode to Dr. Dre, David Bowie, Jaheim and Massive Attack.
Signed to Bolero Records, they officially disbanded in 2007 to focus on their former careers, despite having enjoyed international airplay and good reviews with "Sparkling City Sounds". It was their only album (2004), and it's filled with their special blend of pop and dance.

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There are two artists named Zahara: 1. Spanish singer-songwriter
2. South African singer-songwriter ----------------------------------- 1. Zahara (Spain) Como solista, Zahara ha lanzado un álbum, La Fabulosa Historia De... con la discográfica Universal, con Merezco como primer single (que a su vez es la canción oficial de La Vuelta Ciclista a España 2009). El disco ha llegado a la posición #23 de la lista de ventas, mientras que Merezco ha alcanzado la sexta posición. Zaharaeléctrica

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Powerage was one of the first punk bands to come out of South Africa, with songs against apartheid, the a.w.b., and everything that they saw wrong in the world. Through the time Powerage was together the line up changed several times. This is defenitely one of the bravest punk bands to have come out of the 80s
Powerage is also the name of a Scandinavian band.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1. Cassette are South African and basically rad. 5 people make up the band, 4 guys making noise and 1 lady pulling it all together. 2. Cassette are a 3-piece New Zealand band who make stunning indie rock records with a country soul. They are working on their second album at the moment and have released two EPs. 3. Cassette is a Boston, MASS, US based synth pop group with a knack for melody, drama and scott walker-esque baritone.

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Aero Manyelo


This is a humble-beginnings tale. The tale of Eric Manyelo (Aero Manyelo/Dj Aero) or Moera, as he’s affectionately called at home. Born in Zebediela, Limpopo in 1987, his family relocated to Ivory Park, when he was at the tender age of 5.

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Little Sister

There are several bands with the name Little Sister 1. An American all-female vocal harmony group, which served primarily as the background vocalists for the influential rock/funk band Sly & the Family Stone in concert and on record. Little Sister was comprised of Vet Stone (Sly Stone's "little sister"), Mary McCreary, and Elva Mouton, and became a recording act of its own for a brief period in 1970-1971. 2. Norwegian band (members: Gundersen, Hans Petter;

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There are 3 bands using the name Delaney. A duo from Sheffield, and a group from Portland, Oregon. 1. Delaney - Sheffield duo Singer / guitarist Matthew Barlow and keyboardist Chris Bailey make melodic electropop tunes. 2. Christelle Delaney, talentuous French pop-folk artist signed on Lithium and Pehr records. 3. Delaney - Portland, Oregon band

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Watershed (US) is an alternative rock band based in Columbus, OH. The band's sound is heavily influenced by early classic rock, especially The Kinks, whom the band regularly covers during live performances. Watershed consists of Colin Gawel (guitar, vocals), Joe Oestreich (bass, vocals), Dave Masica (Drums), and Mark "Poochie" Borror (guitar). The band's two most recent albums, The More it Hurts the More it Works (2002) and The 5th of July (2005) have recieved national attention, with "Can't Be Myself," the lead single from The More it Hurts.

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