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Expo '70

EXPO '70 was formed in Los Angeles by Justin Wright as a side-project, while he was playing guitar in Living Science Foundation (Second Nature Recordings; GSL50 Compilation). Initially, the group also included Wright's friend, PK . The pair improvised creating sounds bouncing effect-ridden instruments creating a wide range of textures and moods. EXPO '70's first recording and inception was during PK's project SXBRS recording session, resulting in one of many split releases on PKs' label.

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Psychic Ills

Psychic Ills is a group that became active in NYC sometime during 2003. Their sound has included a combination of rock experimentation, drones, electronic textures, and various ethnic influences. Their live shows have varied widely and have been known to have an improvised performance art element as well. The current line up consists of Elizabeth Hart, Brian Tamborello, and Tres Warren. Their 2nd album "Mirror Eye", is set to be released on January 20th of 2009 on The Social Registry label.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1. http://www.myspace.com/feathersfamily
Looking (and often sounding) as though they've been sent directly from central casting, the psych-folk octet Feathers originate from the same fertile New England climates that generated the wayfaring likes of Tower Recordings and the MV & EE Medicine Show. The arrival of their debut album on Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic's Gnomonsong label has not gone unheralded...

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1) Loop was a South London band founded in 1986 by Robert Hampson and his then wife, Bex. Loop's sound was characterized by strong and influences in addition to the minimalist mayhem of The Stooges and MC5. Their songs were almost uniformly harsh and repetitive, with indecipherable vocals buried under layers of noisy guitar riffs and metronomic drumming. Some of the records featured covers of Suicide, The Pop Group and Can as bonus tracks.

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Call The Doctors

Call The Doctors was formed in South West Florida, with over 15 members coming and going but the two constant driving forces are -
Brian Bartholomew Vocals/Guitars
Oliver Seibert Vocals/Guitars/Effects
Their sound being influenced by listining to old Spacemen 3 and Brian jonestown massacre Vinyls among tons and tons of shoegazing influences.
Their shows tend to usually have edgy style and wild lights and are very loud.

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Robedoor is the duo of Alex: slime, knives and distortion, and Notnotfun label head honcho Britt on fire, howls and cloaks...
Hmmm... but what does all that mean, sonically? Well, precisely what you might imagine. A blackened drone drenched world of slime and knives and fire, dense clouds of distorted howls, a thick cloak of fuzz and buzz wrapped around the proceedings like a thick, well, cloak! Actually this is a lot prettier than you might imagine. That is, if your idea of pretty includes tons of low end and a world of slow motion doomdrone.

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3D Tanx

Lancaster based psychedelic drone-rock band i the vein of Spacemen 3, Can, Neu!, The Fall etc.

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the Tamborines

THE TAMBORINES is a fuzz rock band, based in London UK.
The Tamborines came to being when core members Lulu Grave Keyboards, Percussion) and Henrique Laurindo (Guitar, Vocals)started recording some songs on a 4 track in their own bedroom in West London. They have been rapidly gaining acclaim throughout London with their synthesizer heavy, tripped out live shows. Raised on a diet of underground indie, Bergman movies and distorted guitars, The Tamborines combine their daydreaming sound with an art aesthetic that blends West Coast Pyschedelia with the noir of The Velvet Underground.

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