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There are at least four bands named "Husky":
1. A downtempo duo from Poland
2. A rock band from the United States
3. A rock band from Australia
4. An indie rock band from Mexico 1) Polish electronica-downtempo duo consisting of Patrycja Hefczynska (vocalist/writer) and Jacek Dojwa (composer/producer). Their music is influenced by such artists as Björk, Craig Armstrong, Amon Tobin, Telefon Tel Aviv, Portishead and Lamb. They released two LP's: "Czy słyszysz?" (eng. Do you hear) in 2002 and "Zgadnij" (eng. Guess) in 2006.

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The Tamborines is a fuzz rock band, in the vein of the Velvet Underground, The Dandy Warhols
and the Jesus and Mary Chain, from London UK.
The group originally formed in Brazil around 2001, inicially as a 6 piece band infuenced by American folk rock.
They quickly disband only to return in 2005 when founding members Henrz( read "Anheez" voice/guitars) and
Lulu Grave (organ / synth / tambourines) relocated to London, found the french drummer Veronique Luis
and recorded the single WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG/ THE GREAT DIVISION, with legend producer Brian O'shaunghnessy.

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Grabbel and The Final Cut

Downloads on Bandcamp.
Join them on Facebook. Grabbel and The Final Cut are a / band originally active in the 1990s. They formed in their hometown Lüneburg, Germany in 1989 and consisted of band members Stefan Zachau (guitar, voice), Gernot Dornblüth (bass, voice), Sascha Kotzur (guitar, keyboard) and Christian Grabowski (drums), whose nickname “Grabbel” was an inspiration for the band’s name, obviously.

Read more about Grabbel and The Final Cut on Last.fm.

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My Left Boot

My Left Boot formed in 2005 in response to the film March of the Penguins, narrated by Acadamy Award nominated actor Morgan Freeman. Since then the band has taken their brand of psychedelically infused fuzz rock to grand new heights musically, whilst continuing to grab fans along the way. The band has played at the most loved venues and festivals across the the continent, sharing stages with countless amazing bands and it shows. The Boot

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Joanna Gruesome

Owen plays guitar and sings.
Nicholls plays guitar and bangs the drums sometimes.
Greenberg bangs the drums alot.
Max plays the bass guitar.
Ciara sings. http://joannagruesome.bandcamp.com/ We like: My Bloody Valentine, Velocity Girl, Rocketship, Boyracer, Beat Happening, Halo Benders, Field Mice, Dinosaur Jr, Tiger Trap, Pastels, Sebadoh, Archers of Loaf, Guided by Voices, Jesus and Mary Chain, Galaxie 500, I hate myself, The Hated, Nirvana, Bikini Kill, Heavenly, Frumpies, Henry's Dress, Shangri-las...

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Slo Burn

Slo Burn was a short-lived stoner rock band out of Palm Desert, California that formed in 1996 in the wake of Kyuss' demise. They only released one EP entitled Amusing the Amazing before disbanding. The band comprised of Damon Garrison (bass), Chris Hale (guitar), Brady Houghton (drums) and John Garcia (vocals). Slo Burn toured with Ozzfest in 1997 but split up toward the end of the tour, effectively finishing the band at the same time the EP was released.

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Goat is the name of more than one artist: 1:Chris Gates, better known as goat, is a video game remixer who has many many power metal and synth metal remixes of songs from Castlevania, though he has also remixed several other games including Final Fantasy 4 and Super Metroid, and he has created some originals. His website hosts copies of most of his songs, including his recently finished project "Unchosen Paths", which remixes the entire soundtrack of Castlevania 3, and also its prequels in two bonus medleys.

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The Hipshakes

The Hipshakes (Daniel Russell, Andrew Anderson and Bruce Sargent) make raucous, lo-fi punk in the vein of The Gories and The Oblivians. The band was formed in Bakewell, Derbyshire (hitherto most famous for its tarts) and, after receiving airplay from John Peel, released their debut, self-titled EP on Slovenly Records.

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