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The French

The French is a synth duo formed by Darren Hayman and John Morrison, both formerly of Hefner. The French developed the more electronic sound present on Hefner's last album: Dead Media. They have released one full length album called Local Information, an EP called Dagenham and a double a-side single called Gabriel In the Airport/Porn Shoes in the years 2003-2004.

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The Wind-Up Birds

The Wind Up Birds are a Leeds based band, who have been in existence since 2003. The band take their name from a book by Japanese author Haruki Murakami. They have played in various venues across Yorkshire with a sound which has been described as angular post punk. They have released two singles on Sturdy Records: 'Tyre Fire' / 'There Won't Always Be an England' in April 2010, and the EP 'Courage, for Tomorrow Will Be Worse' in December 2010. They deal with subjects such as life, death, love, loss, saving the world, drinking, working class inertia and cats.

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Famed lithographer and record/cd artwork cover artist Bruce Licher's mellow psychedelic rock band Scenic is subtle but potent force from the Sonoran desert that inspired much of the music.
Gentle yet dangerous, Scenic create a vocals-free layered guitar soundscape that tantalizes without ever fully satisfying, thereby creating an unfinished story in the mind of the listener.

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The Consultants

Formed in Brooklyn in 2003, The Consultants were Marisha Chinsky, Brett Whitmoyer, and Mike Hollitscher. Their music is beautifully layered and cinematic, while the lyrics are a neurotic cocktail of hope and discontent. Chinsky sings and writes most of the words, and they are often windows into a compelling world where self-confidence and self-doubt are perpetually vying for the upper hand. In The Mark, for example, she sings

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