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The British trio of Agincourt made one rare, privately pressed LP in 1970, Fly Away. It's nice second-tier British folk-rock, and though the adjective "haunting" is overused in description of this genre in general, songwriters Peter Howell and John Fernando really had that aspect down, with a greater pop savvy than most people working in the U.K. folk-rock field. Woman singer Lee Menelaus rounded out the trio, which smoothly integrated both male and female lead and background vocals.

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The Soundcarriers

The Soundcarriers were formed in Nottingham, where founder members Adam, Pish and Dorian have played together since childhood, switching instruments and roles and generally ignoring the conventions of what it means to be a band. Leonore completes the bands line-up adding subtle, gentle vocals and harmonies. The debut album from this Nottingham-based band is psychedelic in the less well-trodden way: jazz-influenced, free-thinking and utterly spaced out.

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Psychedelic trad duo infused with B-grade humor, formed in 1997. The group consists of Kawabata Makoto who is obsessed with troubadours and the music of their birthplace Occitan, and Tsuyama Atsushi who is frighteningly knowledgeable about European trad and the good old rock of the 60's and 70's. Tsuyama, on the one hand, played in a duo with Yoshida Fumio (Si-Folk), Japan's most respected player of Irish traditional music...

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Kim Doo Soo

Kim Doo Soo (???) is a modern Korean folk musician, who was only famous in deep underground scene. But in recent years, his 4th. album "Free Spirit" gained high expectation, and became more & more famous. His vocal & music style are very unique.

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Simon Finn

Simon Finn is an English psych folk musician. Finn was born in 1951 in Surrey, moved to London in 1967, where his first performance was opening for Al Stewart at the Marquee Club in Soho. He released his Pass the Distance LP in 1970, which in later years attained legendary status as it was so hard to obtain. The album featured contributions from Rob Buckin, Paul Burwell, Ken Elliot, and David Toop.

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Jana Hunter

Jana Hunter is a songwriter and musician, and was born in Texas. She is now(2010) based in Baltimore. She has recently(2009) formed a new band named Lower Dens and toured the USA with Future Islands(2010). She is signed to Gnomonsong, a record label run by Devendra Banhart and Vetiver's Andy Cabic. Her solo debut album Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom was the label's debut release. She later completed her second album "There's No Home" as well as "Carrion EP".

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