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Founded in Los Angeles in the late 80's as part of the thriving scene, downset has evolved into an icon of sorts. As the original blenders of , , , , , and socially aware lyrics, they drew influences from Black Flag to Black Sabbath, Public Enemy to Bob Marley. Becoming a huge draw, the industry took notice and they caught the attention of Mercury/PolyGram Records and released their self titled debut in 1994.

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The Fumes

1.) Compelling Sydney two-piece, The Fumes burst onto the scene in 2004. The Fumes deliver multi-facetted stylistic raw blues tunes mashed with healthy rock riffs and snappy beats. Steve Merry (Vocals, Guitar) spent 12 months in the U.S where he took on some mentoring from Bob Brozman and an opportunity to immerse himself with many styles of music. It helped define and develop The Fumes. The Fumes complete with the addition of Joel Battersby, who had been drumming with members of The Beautiful Girls, proceeded to churn out an 8-track demo.

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The Novocaines

There are 2 bands called "The Novocaines"
1. An Indie/Alternative band based in Cwbran, South Wales and the Forest of Dean
2. A Rock/Blues band from Northam, Western Australia loosely based in Perth 1. Band Members:
Matt Robertson - Vocals/Guitar
Gareth Emanuel - Guitar
Brett Mahoney - Bass Guitar
Jon Cook - Drums The Novocaines are signed to Clean Living Records.ltd and are scheduled to play a headline tour of Italy with MTV Europe later this year. After recording their first E.

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Lotus Fucker

Washington, DC punk band
noise not noise EURO TOUR OCTOBER 2012 releases: Answer = Bloodwashed Noise demo
1st LP
The Wankys/Lotus Fucker split 7"
Penis Geyser/Lotus Fucker split 7"
Exit Hippies/Lotus Fucker split LP (out sometime)
Merchandise/Lotus Fucker split 7" (out fall 2012)
2nd LP (out fall 2012)

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Red Dons

A punk band from Portland Oregon, The Red Dons are the continuation of the Observers. After members abruptly left the band in 2005, Douglas Burns, the Observers’ lead singer, artist, and primary songwriter teamed up with Hajji Husayn to continue on with the band. Husayn’s involvement with the Observers made this a natural pairing. Next, they added Derek Skokan (Revisions) on drums and Justin Maurer (Clorox Girls) on guitar and re-named this new line-up the Red Dons. Skokan was later replaced by Richard Joachim.

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Billy No Fear

Billy No Fear was formed in early 2009, originally calling themselves Coat & Curtains. After being sued by a haberdashery in Norwich, the band were forced to change their name. The trio consists of Philip Elbourne, Jo Marsh and Emily-Ruth Warren, French students at the University of Chester, who since graduating have moved in together and adopted a pet goat (Billy). Their genre of music has been defined as "Folk Abba", but they deny this, preferring to describe their style as 'Kinetic Folk' because of their cheeky dance routines and hypnotising hand movements.

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Piston, Jakarta based heavy punk band formed in late 2010, consists of four men; Argi Tendo (Guitar & Vocal), Aditya Samdhoko (Guitar), Yulio Syafik (Bass), and Nozanda Rangkuti (Drums). Mainly influenced by their love of how precious cold beers are and the father of heavy speed, Motorhead. After two years of neglect, Piston are back to collect the spirits as one new energy named Deru, their first small extended play, which loaded with three rapid and heavy ammunition that recorded in glance. Piston is a symbol.

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