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Murder Junkies

The Murder Junkies are a GG Allin tribute band, most known for being the actual backing band of deceased punk rock performer GG Allin. They are the third GG Allin backing band to bear the name.
The original Murder Junkies was a Texas band - formed independently of Allin - which performed as his backing band for several live dates in the late 1980s. (See Allin's unfinished autobiography for further brief details).

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Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies are a band from Los Angeles, California, made up of Heidi Shepherd, Jason Klein, Carla Harvey, Henry Flurry, and Chris Warner. They consider themselves "slut metal," with their two main screamers being ex-playboy girls. They have been criticized by many for being fake or commercially loose with no talent and are based off the fact they perform almost completely nude. They became famous due to a live video on youtube performing "Fucking Hostile" by metal pioneers Pantera.

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The Tubes

There is more than one group called the Tubes. 1) The Tubes are a San Francisco-based theater rock band, popular in the mid 1970s and early 1980s, known for their live performances that combined music performances with many different unique costumes and in some acts they wore leotards with painted on nipples and pubic hair (neither of which points are relevant for evaluating their artistic/musical/political relevance). They made satires of life in the USA; the media, consumerism, and politics. They were often banned in the Midwest USA.

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Lordi is a hard rock / heavy metal band from Finland, formed in 1996 by 'Mr. Lordi' of Rovaniemi, Finland. They're known for their monster costumes and lyrical themes. In the beginning of the 1990s, Mr. Lordi played in a small band from Rovaniemi. He left the band when the other members didn't agree with the introduction of theatrical elements and KISS-style rock. Mr. Lordi started producing demos under the name Lordi in 1991 and continued to do so for a few years. The rest of the band members met each other for first time in 1996 in Stockholm, where they had gone to see KISS perform.

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Al. B. Damned

He’s the tattoo covered, make-up smothered horror shock rocker from the UK and he’s back with a vengeance! This solo venture from Al. B. Damned promises to reveal a darker side of the ex-TDQM frontman and to produce some of his greatest work to date. The album aptly titled “The Darker Side Of Me” is due for release in 2010 and will feature an array of guest musicians from Al’s past, present and future…

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