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Blue Skies

Blue Skies is the moniker of English singer/songwriter David Bullas. He is currently working on several EP's/albums due to be released over the next six months. Influences include Ben Kweller, The Libertines, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix, The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Rook and the Ravens...

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Bo Burnham

Ever since his first temper tantrum, Bo knew he wanted to perform. After an awkward “athletic” phase, he started dedicating his time to school theater. He continued to nurture his love for performance, receiving rave reviews from countless relatives. Bo chose to attend an all-boys catholic high school, thus giving his nickname “theater queer” some additional validity. During the fall of his junior year in high school, Bo started teaching himself how to play piano and guitar.

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Ben Abraham

In 2003 Ben Abraham decided he never wanted to sing again. The stunning career choice came after years of musical insecurity and tireless efforts to impress people; performing renditions of other people's songs he was told were cool at the time. Content with leaving the dream of music behind, Ben turned instead to his screenwriting studies and fell in love with the art of film and the power of story.

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Tom Milsom

Tom Milsom grew up in Surrey, and now lives in a London flat with his lovely housemates. His album, 'Sine Language' EP, was released in 2007. He plays many instruments; among them: drums, piano, ukulele, trumpet, melodica and glockenspiel.
He released a special-edition run of 50 copies of "Awkward Ballads For The Easily-Pleased" in the run-up to Christmas 2007, and re-released it in January 2008, as well as gigging at small venues in the South-East of England.

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Eddplant is a Folk Rock singer-songwriter who grew up in Birmingham and now lives in London. Ed started playing guitar in secondary school, aged 11, inspired by rock giants Oasis and pop prince Robbie Williams. Soon he was writing original material, which he performed as part of a band with two friends. In 2005, Ed moved to Darlington where he was immersed in the North East folk scene. This developed his playing and lyrical style, as his influences grew to include various folk and folk rock artists.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Helix is a heavy metal band that formed in 1974 for a Battle of the Bands contest in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and is best known for their 1984 single "Rock You". The original lineup consisted of singer Brian Vollmer, guitarists Brent Doerner and Paul Hackman, bassist Keith Zurbrigg and drummer Brian Doerner. In 1992, Hackman died when the group's van rolled down a 40-foot enbankment after a concert in Vancouver.

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