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Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance is a name used by more than one artist/group. 1) The Irish producer Cian McCann usually puts out Drum & Bass, and commonly works in conjunction with Beta 2 and his work features on last.fm under Zero Tolerance & Beta 2. His work is similar to that of Marcus Intalex. He recently changed his stage name to Zero T. 2) A hardcore band from Buffalo, NY. 3) The Swedish death/thrash metal act Zero Tolerance arose from the ashes of Krämatorium, a humourous thrash metal band with Swedish lyrics.

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There are more artists under name Pyro: 1) Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Pyro started making music at the age of 14. Although fascinated by all electronic genres, he quickly settled on drum and bass when it first appeared commercially in 1995. He then spent the next few years exploring this sonic domain, seeking the darker/techier forms of the sound. In 2000, Pyro and Paul Reset were signed to Trouble On Vinyl, under the Semantix moniker.

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Ed Rush & Optical

Both Ed Rush and Optical are the co-heads of a drum and bass record label called Virus Recordings, based in London, UK. Both have earned acclaim separately, with Optical engineering tracks on Goldie and Grooverider's albums and releasing some excellent solo tunes on the likes of Prototype, 31, and Metro. Ed Rush also has countless releases, notably on No U-Turn, where he and Nico first emphasized the dark era of drum and bass with the masterpiece album Torque, and Metalheadz, where he produced such classics as "The Raven" and "Locust".

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