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The Nightingales

1) The Nightingales (now known as simply Nightingales) are a British post-punk/alternative band formed in November, 1979 in birmingham. 2) A Soul Group also known as Ollie & The Nightingales. 3) A finnish band. ----- 1) Original members were Robert Lloyd (vocals) and Joe Crow on guitar, both formerly of The Prefects, with Eamonn Duffy on bass and Paul Apperley on drums. The band, before splitting-up, played more sessions on John Peel's Radio 1 show than any other band, excluding The Fall.

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Yeah Yeah Noh

Yeah Yeah Noh were a group formed in Leicester, England in 1984. They released two albums and five singles while still together, and have had two compilation albums issued since they split in 1986. The group reformed in 2011, an announcement appearing on the Cherry Red Records website: "STOP PRESS: Yeah Yeah Noh are back together and are playing live as of summer 2012, on the lookout for 'interesting gigs in fields; gardens with expansive lawns considered'."

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Pete Wylie

Pete Wylie (born 22 March 1958, Liverpool) is an English singer/songwriter, best known as the leader of the group variously known as Wah!, Wah! Heat, The 5,000 Names of Wah! or even The Mighty Wah!. Active from 1979, they garnered critical acclaim for the single Better Scream and the album Nah Poo! The Art Of Bluff. Their biggest hit single was The Story Of The Blues, which was released in late 1982, and ultimately reached Number 3 in the UK singles chart.

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High Fidelity

Disambiguation: The name "High Fidelity" can refer to either the 2000's group "The High Fidelity" fronted by Scott Dickson of Glasgow, Scotland, or can also refer to the soundtrack for the movie "High Fidelity" based on the Nick Hornsby novel. Regarding the band "The High Fidelity", the following information is from their record label's web site:
"The High Fidelity's eclectic pop mixes drum loops, electronics, and synths in rock-structured songs.

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There is more than one artist with this name. 1. A swing-influenced band formed in Athens, GA that released two albums, Slick Night Out and Ten Cent Freaks.
2. An avant-garde band that released albums Show, Big Sur and Stone.
3. A Canadian based rock band that release the albums Legwork, Heavy Light Ears, and Kickback.
4. Tracks by the character Donkey from the movie Shrek.

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The Brilliant Corners

At long last a band is being recognised for the influence it has had without the commercial acclaim that some of their songs deserved.
This seminal Bristol band consisted of a nucleus of Chris Galvin (bass) and David Woodward (vocals and guitars) with Bob Morris (drums) plus various others during their ten years of existence.
Through various styles they created a unique Bristol slant on the 80's which was never deemed glamorous by the press or music gliterrati in general. Some may say that the Bristol scene was insular but it was really about being yourself and getting on with things.

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