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Bubblegum Screw

Take a bit of Max's Kansas City New York sleaze and mix it in with the primeval brutality of Iggy & the Stooges, the seedy glamour of 1970s glitter-trash and the caveman stomp of sixties garage rock and you've got a group that's on a take-no-prisoners rock'n'roll mission. Seeing them on stage for the first time, you'll think you're actually looking at Johnny Thunders, Dee Dee Ramone and Stiv Bators rocking out once again.

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Moco hail from Wigan, home to Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, the mighty Wigan Athletic and pea wet. They set their sights high and wanted to be added to this illustrious list. The band have a strong following on the Manchester music scene and around the North West, as well as reputation as Northern firecrackers on the London Scene, playing legendary packed out nights at Alan McGee's Death Disco amongst others.

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There are 2 artists named Tourist: 1) Tourist is an electronic musician from Brighton, UK (formerly known as Little Loud)
http://soundcloud.com/touristmusic 2) Tourist were an modern rock band from Vancouver, Canada. They recorded one album, the relevance of motion co-produced by Mark Henning and mixed by Mike Fraser.

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1)Tottenham based grime outfit now called Bloodline 2)Greg Szathmary aka Meridian from Hungary started composing music back in 1996. He went through all the steps in the progression electronic musicians usually do. Trackers, Reason, Cubase, soft synths, hardware stuffs spiced with some musical education. He learned playing piano and dealt with music theory as well.
His first real success was to get into the best 15 tracks in the Oceanlab Satellite remix contest. Since then he developed his producing skills to reappear on stage again with Emphase.

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Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym

Started as a funk band, became an indiepunx band, somehow the sax stayed. Originally from Tamworth, now based in Sydney. Yer a wizard Harry. Recently released second EP which is a split with shoegaze band Rara Avis.

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