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STAY is a pop/rock band from Boston, MA.
With official albums and EPs, they already toured with Romance on a Rocketship, For The Foxes, and shared festivals with All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd, The Ready Set, Asking Alexandria, VersaEmerge, Enter Shikari and others.
Currently with members changing, STAY once counted with Anthony Rainville, Nick Crist and Andrew Elliott.

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SK123 is a UK-based ambient, electronica and techno artist who began his musical career in the summer of 2000. Taking inspiration from releases on Ninja Tune, Rephlex and Warp records, SK123 released a large number of experimental EPs and short albums between 2002 and 2005. The following year he was able to produce two full-length albums (River Monkey and Zeolites) and two EPs, and in 2007 he released Soundwave to an appreciative online fanbase.

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Best Before

In the Melbourne music scene, it seems musical fashions and trends change almost as often as the weather. However, unlike the completely erratic weather patterns, some things are true of all good artists. A solid work ethic is a must, though time and effort alone cannot buy the connection between a great singer and his audience. Like a rainbow in the storm; Best Before emerge amongst an increasingly heavy music scene to re-kindle the free spirited joy of a smooth melody, the delight of a cheeky bass line and the liberating honesty of a simple love song shared amongst friends and strangers.

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Third Man Theme

Third Man Theme make music that blends together their different musical interests, including Talking Heads, Can, Neu!, The Beach Boys, The Modern Lovers, Spiritualized, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux. The result is sometimes (post-)punky, sometimes drony, sometimes edgy, sometimes sweet, sometimes all at once. Their debut EP, Tears on Tate, was released in July 2011. "The trio play mesmerising new-wave and kraut-rock influenced tunes which purr with a bittersweet pop sensibility - the songs are by their nature repetitively and intensely driven but with twinges of melody that make it cohesive...

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Close To Home

Meet Andrew (vocals), Dan (bass), Josh (guitar/vocals), JJ (guitar/screams/BG vocals) and Travis (drums/tamborine), five guys from Cincinnati, Ohio, who were inspired by their hardships to write their first album telling the story which lead them to chase their dream and undying passion to make music. With heartfelt messages through their songs and exceptional live performance, they have managed to make instant fans all over the US and abroad without any backing from a label or distribution company.

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Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym

Started as a funk band, became an indiepunx band, somehow the sax stayed. Originally from Tamworth, now based in Sydney. Yer a wizard Harry. Recently released second EP which is a split with shoegaze band Rara Avis.

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