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Monster Ceilidh Band

The Monster Ceilidh Band is a fresh, new Newcastle-based ceilidh band fusing the traditional with the modern. The Monsters are starting a revolution in Newcastle! Beginning as a humble ceilidh band, they used their collected knowledge of different styles and genres to form new ways of playing traditional and contemporary music. The Monsters decided to organize monthly ceilidhs in Newcastle to bring folk music to a wider audience. Tags: 
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Abandon Ship

There are 2 bands called Abandon Ship:- 1. An English hardcore punk band
2. An American forest punk band 1.Abandon Ship was a hardcore punk band from Brighton, England that existed between 2003-2008. They released 3 records and a discography cd, toured the UK numerous times and also toured Europe. The final line up of the band was Andy Devine, Matt Devine, Rob Camp, Steve O’Brien and Ralph Simmonds. Past members were Conan Roberts and Sam Cooke. Discography

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Fight the Big Bull

Fight the Big Bull is a Richmond, Virginia based improvisatory ensemble with two 2010 recordings selected for NPR's best of the year lists. The band was founded in the mid-00s by guitarist Matt White, one of the organizers of the Patchwork Collective, an arts group dedicated to creating a vital local music scene.The original configuration- called simply Fight the Bull- was a trio with drummer Pinson Chanselle and trombonist Bryan Hooten. The group was subsequently expanded to eight players (or nine, with the occasional addition of ex-Agents of Good Roots percussionist Brian Jones.

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1) Ophidian is Conrad Hoyer, a hardcore producer from Gelderland, Netherlands. Using keyboards and cassette recorders Conrad Hoyer started recording his first songs and mixes in 1993, 11 years old (born september first 1981) at the time. By 1995 hardcore music had become very infuential for the Dutch youth and he started using computer software to write hardcore songs. With the artists of the Ruffneck label as main lead he worked on perfecting his technique, specialising in fast, breakbeat-orriented juno-sound hardcore.

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El Vez

Because Elvis has become an international institution that can communicate across national and cultural boundaries, it comes as no surprise that El Vez - the self proclaimed "" - has come along. El Vez, aka Robert Lopez, has been kicking around the L.A. underground music scene for nearly twenty years. He first appeared in the early L.A. punk band The Zeros and then played in Catholic Discipline (which also spawned lesbian folk singer Phranc).

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B.C. Camplight

BC Camplight is Brian Christinzio, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Christinzio openly admits to being a fan of the song-writing of George Gershwin, Burt Bacharach and Todd Rundgren, whose influences all shine clearly through his debut long player ‘Hide, Run Away’ released in 2005 on One Little Indian. There’s also a big nod to Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds as Brain composed and arranged every note of the record as well as playing nearly every instrument himself. "If I could play drums well enough, I would have done that too” he said.

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The Aurora

The Aurora are a 4 Piece Indie/Rock Band From Wagga Wagga, Australia and a Japanese indie-rock band, which was formed in 2004. Japanese THE AURORA:
Hayato Kimura - Vocals, Guitar
Takuma Yamada - Drums?
HIDEO - Bass Australian The Aurora:
Felix Colman - Vocals, Guitar
Nick Dawes - Guitar, Keyboard, Synth
Joel Mcgann - Drums
Zac Cunningham - Bass Guitar

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