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Tankus The Henge

Superlatives are used far too frequently in the music business, but Tankus the Henge truly are the ultimate feel-good band. They come from a background of vaudeville and gypsy carnival, but it’s coupled with a commercial songwriting nous and flair for showmanship that makes them even greater than the sum of their parts.

Blessed with a charismatic cast of characters, Tankus the Henve are uplifting, uninhibited, eccentric, wondrously energetic and beautifully tuneful.

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Adding Machine

Adding Machine is a Bristol based four-piece formed early in 2011 by Hazel Mills, Greg Stoddard (Scott Matthews), Andy Sutor (Anika) and TJ Allen. Early Cocteau guitar shrieks, throbbing post-punk bass and Silver Apples-inspired rhythms writhe beneath Mills’ Siouxsie-esque macabre-pop tales, bridging the gap between hauntingly danceable and abrasively mesmerizing.

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There are currently Three bands using the name Alchemy -
(1) Alchemy began as the musical collaboration between Dawn Zoe and Kriyatrix. They met in 1999 and began creating thereafter. Kriyatrix was enrolled in an audio engineering program at CDIS, while Dawn was experimenting with accordion, guitar, voice and piano. While performing at “Alchemy”, Oracle Gathering 7, they met Adrian Blackhurst, who joined Alchemy in 2001, adding his eclectic samples to the mix. Alchemy has been taking a break since 2003, with Kriyatrix, Dawn and Adrian exploring individual creative pursuits.

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Ermak Gordey aka Stereotype was born in 1989, in Chernigov (Ukraine).
Since 2009 Stereotype's sound moved to deep/minimal dnb.
In 2009 he formed project called "Science Fiction" together with Moscow neurofunk producer Paperclip.
Nowadays Stereotype has supports from many labels, producers and dj's all over the world.

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Matt Duncan

Matt Duncan is a classically trained instrumentalist and songwriter in his mid-20s. “Beacon” features smooth vocals, brilliant lyrics, and jawdropping syncopation, perfect pitch and painstaking, perfectionistic production. A Lafayette High School alum, Duncan first gained attention with the now-defunct Parlour Boys, one of Lexington’s strongest indie bands in decades. A pianist and vocalist who also plays bass, guitar and a number of other instruments, Duncan is also a member of the band Englishman, a project of Andrew English.

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(1) Face is a female singer from the UK, bringing luscious vocals to many broken beat/nu-jazz tracks, working with highly acclaimed producers like 4 Hero, Mondo Grosso and Domu. (2) Face is a nationally recognized all-vocal rock band bringing a new edge and attitude to the human voice. Using the full range of sounds that the voice can produce, including vocal percussion or “beat-box,” Face performs rock, pop, funk and upbeat jazz. No other instruments or special effects – just six guys.

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