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Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii tells the story of a lush paradise. The way begins ambient and uncertain, but beautiful white shell beaches and carefree sunshine parties await and nourish those travelers with love in their hearts; their peace thus raised above the arguments found along the rocky road. The duo consists of Raph (Braids) and Agor; they use voice, guitars, synths, drum machines, and other electronics to create a kind of tropical-pop with love ache melodies and experimental club rhythms.

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Meet Tightrope. Straight out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, they play an energetic, punk/hardcore hybrid. Somewhat reminiscent of another local band, The Sainte Catherines, these youngsters are off to an amazing start after forming not that long ago in October 2009. The band has released one three-song demo, and just recorded their first self-titled EP, which will be released on vinyl through Big Wheel Records in May 2011.

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Intensive Care

This entry is for two distinct bands, both called INTENSIVE CARE. (1) For the Montreal Rock band, click here (2) A UK82\Oi! band from london.
Albums :
Rebels, Rockets and Rubbermen (1987)
The Oi collection
North London's Finest
Oi! The rarities
A Country Fit For Heroes vol.2 (3) A punk rock band from London formed in 1993.

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Lunice is representing Hyphy & glitch techniques like you wish you could. Can you work an arpegiator with a side chain like that? I didn't think so. Also his pops would probably hurt your feelings on a dance floor. Best recognize.

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Friend Of All The World

As their name suggests, Montreal indie-folk outfit Friend of All the World craft tunes that evoke the camaraderie of a kitchen party or the fellowship that springs up between strangers who meet on the road. Perhaps that’s because songwriter and front man, Rob Cole, employed a hitchhiker’s optimism and an ad on Craigslist to assemble the band. Friend’s 2009 debut, Up These Branches, was largely a solo effort by Cole, released in the hopes of attracting like-minded musicians with his haunting harmonies and rustic acoustic riffs.

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TOYKULT is Tomas Hamlyn aka Tomas Spartan SOUNDS LIKE - Beck - The Gorillaz - Hendrix - Prodigy - Gang of Four - Stone Roses - PWEI - Happy Mondays - Flaming Lips - Franz Ferdinand - Crystal Castles - The Klaxons - Muse - Ian Brown - Oasis - The Fall - The Strokes - The Velvet Underground - CAN: ... British Alternative Rock Electronica TOYKULT'S New Album NARCISSTIKA ( released 07:08:09) is now available for FREE at: Their debut album "SOW LOCO" is also available on CD or MP3 from iTunes and

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Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals are a Canadian indie-rock band from Montreal, composed of guitarist-vocalists Warren Spicer and Nic Basque, and drummer-vocalist Matthew Woodley. They are signed to Secret City Records. The first seeds of the band were originally planted on Canada’s salty-aired East Coast in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Young Warren C. Spicer and Matthew ‘the Woodman’ Woodley had begun playing together in high-school bands. The sea winds eventually carried them through the vast plains of Quebec to Montreal (a journey they would come to know intimately as the years wore on).

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Jay Malinowski

Jay Malinowski is the vocalist and guitarist for the Canadian reggae group Bedouin Soundclash. He met the group's future bassist Eon Sinclair while attending Queen's University, and they decided to form their own band which reflected the music they both grew up on. Jay was born in Montreal, QC in 1982, but he grew up in Vancouver, B.C. Jay has strong family ties to Toronto as both of his parents are from the Toronto area.

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