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Electric Circus

1) Electric Circus were a Valencian new wave band from the Valencian Country. They were part of the subcultural movement known as Ruta Destroy. 2) Electrical Circus are also a band from Belfast, Ireland and they are bringing rockin blues music to the masses. 3) New wave ambient/gothic duo comprising Pier Rubesa and Shauna. Electric Circus are known for their single album "Hello" recorded in Toronto, Canada and released in 1988.

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(1) Young female dubstep producer who hails from the isolated city of Perth, Western Australia. Her much awaited forthcoming debut "What If" is due late 2008. Forthcoming Releases:
Kito - What If / Cold (3) Kito is a recording name for Kjell Tore Sandersen, a musician from Porsgrunn, Norway. Kito has one track on the compilation "maskindans - Norsk synth 1980-1988", released in 2009 by Hommage Records.

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Xeno And Oaklander

Xeno and Oaklander is a minimal wave/synth duo from Brooklyn, New York, comprising Sean McBride (Martial Canterel, Three to forgotten) and Miss Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Staccato, Three to forgotten). They began writing music in 2004 and they record their songs live in their studio and play analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively. Discography:
- Vigils (2006) (Xanten)
- Saracen (2009) (Wierd Records)
- Sentinelle (2009) (Wierd Records) Other:

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Innergaze is an experimental electronic duo based in Brooklyn made up of Aurora Halal and Jason Letkiewicz (AKA Steve Summers, Rhythm Based Lovers, Alan Hurst). Using mostly analog synthesizers and drum machines, their sound is raw, psychedelic and spontaneous, with an influence of Minimal Wave, Disco, Detroit Techno and Chicago House. They self released their debut LP "We Are Strange Loops" on Touch Your Life Records, and have upcoming releases on Not Not Fun sublabel 100% SIlk, and Minimal Wave sublabel, Cititrax.

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The full name of DDAA is Déficit Des Années Antérieures.
DDAA was an obscure group of radical experimental noise makers used improvisation and collage to craft strange sounds and deconstructed songs for highly creative music that is as far off the path of conventions as that of similar but more known visionaries like the Residents and Nurse With Wound. In fact, DDAA roughly began the same time as NWW in the late '70s, started by three visual artists, Sylvie Martineau, Jean-Philippe Fee, and Jean-Luc Andre in Lion sur Mer, France.

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Xiu is a recent project based in Milan and formed by Oksana (Xiu). Oksana was born in Estonia, studied academic music in Russia. Academic knowledges had a deep impact in the creative process of her musical entity. During several years she also sang in the church's choir which is undoubtedly had influenced her work. Next to the writting of her first musical effort she contributing appearances for the minimal-synth band Newclear Waves. She is familiar with underground musical scenes which emerged during the 80s, from sonic minimal synth experiments to cold wave and post-punk.

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RONIN is the name of multiple musical acts. 1.) Ronin aka Jonathan Axelsson was born in Sweden, and got in touch with music very early in life since both his father and grandfather were musicians. As a young boy he started playing drums, and then continued with piano lessons. In the mid 90's he discovered a new type of music that would change his life forever. The music he heard was called deep house, and struck Jonathan's heart immediately. He now started to produce music in a more serious matter and in 1997 he got in touch with Johan Bacto, which later formed the label PlackTown Sounds.

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Polyphonic Size

Polyphonic Size has never been a real band, but Roger-Marc Vande Voorde's project. Born in Charleroi (Belgium) in 1959, the young teenager Roger-Marc spent some time in Germany, near Cologne. Being a true Rolling Stones fan, he started to learn guitar and began to play in small local bands : Berk, Reynolds, Magnetix and mostly Melody. Some live tapes still exist, recorded late 76, early 77, with an overexcited Roger-Marc singing 1960's/70's classics : Get Back, Jumping Jack Flash...

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Automelodi is the main musical project of Canadian songwriter/producer Xavier Paradis formerly known as Arnaud Lazlaud and later as Echo-Kitty, playing since the mid 90's in the purest Neue Deutsche Welle and Fad Gadget styles.
They released their debut album "Automelodi" in August 2010.

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