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The Bills

There are at least two bands known as The Bills:
1) an American band from New Orleans
2) a Canadian folk music quintet from the West Coast of Canada 1) The Bills (New Orleans, LA) Delinquent Horror Surf
Their music is based not only on old school, drive-in films, but also a life of crime. It is whispered that every time the intro to 'Straight From the Gutter' is played, a bum is brutally stabbed in an alleyway.

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The Polecats

The Polecats were a new wave and rockabilly revival band in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Polecats formed in 1977. The original line-up was Tim Worman (a.k.a Tim Polecat, vocalist), Martin "Boz" Boorer, (guitarist and vocalist), Phil Bloomberg (bassist), and Chris Hawkes (drummer), who originally played under the name "Cult Heroes." Finding difficulty persuading promoters to book them on the Rockabilly circuit with a name sounding "too punk", they adopted Hawkes' suggested band name The Polecats. Hawkes was later replaced by Neil Rooney.

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The Neutronz

The Neutronz are a new-ish Rockabilly trio from the North East of England, however all of the musicians have played in various bands and shows over the past 20 years (including 'Big Boy Bloater' and the hit musical 'Buddy'). We play Rockin music from the 1950,s through to the present day (including many original tracks) and are heavily influenced by artists such as the Stray Cats, Restless, Meteors, Guana Batz, Polecats and The Planet Rockers,however, we enjoy taking songs from the 1980's and 90,s and giving them a rockin' twist.

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Blacktop was the first post-Gories project for Mick Collins. While similar to the legendary garage punk three-piece, Blacktop is a clear progression, in terms of musicianship and songwriting skill, for Collins and is also the beginning of his movement towards noisier material. The band's sound was fuller and more sophisticated, due in no small part to the addition of a bass line and the songwriting input of Darin Lin Wood ( Black Snakes with Richard Kern, Fireworks and '68 Comeback) and Alex Cuervo.

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The Knockouts

There are several artists named "The Knockouts" ; - A band from Stockholm, Sweden
Success has followed THE KNOCKOUTS, stealing the trophy for the Best Punk Album at the American Independent Music Awards and with the single ‘A Lie Like In Natalie’, on high rotation on radio. They have been on the biggest European rock festivals such as P&L, PiP, West Coast Riot, Azkena Rock Spain, and more.

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