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01. Drum and Bass trio
02. Dark ambient project 01. Triage is an American drum and bass outfit from Portland, OR formed in 2006.
check: www.myspace.com/triagepdx
02. Triage is a collaborative project between Chet W. Scott of Ruhr Hunter and Scott E. Candey of Gruntsplatter that first began recording in the middle of 1997. The two were sharing an aprartment at the time that was ultimately destroyed by fire through no fault of their own. During that time about 40 minutes of material was recorded that little was done with.

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Lost Generation

There are/were multiple bands called Lost Generation: 1) Lost Generation was formed by singer/songwriter Joe Dias. The original line-up included fellow Connecticut musicians Glenn Sanders on drums, BADBOB Therrien on guitar and Sach on bass. The bands first release, 1982

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Dash Total'D

Artist Name - Dash Total'D
Real Name - Dan Ashworth
Age - 19
Hometown - Manchester, UK.
Been Producing Since: 2004 Dan originally was into a lot of Trance, House, & Electro styles of music in the early years, therefore producing a lot of electro tracks for his own pleasure. Then went to college where he heard MC's in the studios messing about with Dubstep and Dub styles of music. He then became hooked! Could not get enough of the stuff and started making his own Dubstep tracks in late 2007.

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Three artists record under the name Vaccine. 1) Christine Vaccine is an electronic music producer from the United States
http://www.myspace.com/vaccinedub 2) Vaccine is a band from Massachusetts, made up of current and former members of Think I Care, Glue, Relics, Failures, Orchid and Ampere.
http://www.vaccinexxx.blogspot.com/ 3) Vaccine were an alternative rock band from Germany (active 2001-2009) - follow-up projects of its members: VXHLL, Starpost, Reste von Gestern

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Mark Wilkinson aka Wilkinson has been making music under the radar since he was just 16. In 2009 he found himself a studio in South West London where he has been fine tuning his production skills and writing music that, in 2010, got him noticed by DJ's such as Andy C, Cyantific, TC, London Elektricity and many more. After sending some of his music to Hospital Records, Wilkinson was offered his debut release as part of the Sick Music 2 compilation released in April 2010.

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There are at least 4 artists called Hybris: 1. Czech DJ
2. Spanish band
3. German band
4. German hardcore band 1. A Czech DJ:
Hybris is Evan Vischi. After years of being a studio recluse, Evan surfaced in the DC scene and released collaborations and solo projects under the name Robot Death Squad. He then moved to the Czech Republic to focus on advancing his own sound and began releasing under the name Hybris.

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