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Crux is the name of quite a few bands:
1) a British Oi! band (early 80s).
2) a Black/Trash Metal band from the Czech Rep. (1990-1993)
3) a hardcore/punk band from Portland, OR (1993-1998).
4) a Sydney, Australia-based noise-pop band (mid-90s).
5) a metal band from Werne, Germany.
6) a Polish Avant-Garde alternative band (current)
7) a Christian band from Estonia.
8) a Sydney, Australia-based crust punk band (current)

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Svjata Vatra

Svjata Vatra is an Estonian-Ukrainian folkband. The musicians themselves call their style „firefolk“. The band’s composition is unique: the temperamental trombone together with the Estonian bagpipes produce amazing sound patterns. Duduk’s deep southern tones bring in more distant melodies and the dialogue with the northern horn sweeps away even the last shadows of cultural barriers. The melancholy accordion balances and ties the wind and percussion instruments (djembe, tarbuka and buhalo) together.

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Kreatiivmootor are from Tallinn, Tartu, Freiburg and other cities of the world. They combine dadatechno, low-fi-industrial, hysteric folk, free jazz, vocal deathmetal and hip-hop, creepy ambient, minimal post-rock (etc) and mix it all to highly explosive music. Kreatiivmootor are Roomet Jakapi (vocals, electronics), Eerik Hanni (electronics, visuals), Allan Plekksepp (guitar, bass, electronics), Harri Altroff (synthesizer, bass), Maria Lepik (saxophone), Ingrid Aimla (percussions), Kaur Garšnek (solo guitar, synthesizer), Madis Paalo (drums).

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There are at least two artist with name Makoto: 1. Based in Tokyo, Makoto Shimizu, better known as simply Makoto, is Japan's chief Drum & Bass ambassador. After completing an Acoustic Engineering major at Nippon University, Makoto first signed with LTJ Bukem's legendary Good Looking Records back in 1999.
Since then he has gone from strength to strength, releasing a long string of quality music in the form of singles and EP's, but also on the famous 'Earth' and 'Progression Sessions' compilation albums.

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Niki & The Dove

Niki & The Dove is a new project from Sweden featuring lead vocalist and songwriter Malin Dahlström whose background in live bands and writing music for theatre productions gave her the inspiration to form this new band. The musicians around her are very close friends and collaborators, giving the live show immediate chemistry and confidence. Niki & The Dove will be playing their debut UK gigs in September.

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The band was formed in February, 2001. In the very beginning the band consisted of two - Katrin and Natassja. In March Jane joined the band, she had come to play keyboard, nobody thought that she would sing someday. We were learning to play with the song of Him "Join Me". At that time Alexander Kobzar worked with us, he taught us a lot, so the band wants to thank him for his help.
But still the band needed someone to play bass-guitar. It might seem that the most difficult thing for a girl-band is to find a drummer, but in our case difficulties were connected with the bass-guitarist.

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There are several artists using this name:
1. Laura is a band from Melbourne, Australia. 2. Laura is a Norwegian girl-band from Bodø. Visit at
3. Laura is a pop-singer from Belgium Laura Omloop @
4. Laura is a pop/rock-singer from Belgium
5. Laura is an Estonian singer . Laura Põldvere @

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There are at least 3 artists by this name: an indie pop band from Estonia; the frontman of Fat Freddy's Drop; a punk-pop trio from the north of England. 1) Dallas was an indie pop band from Estonia. They formed in Tallinn in 1991 and disbanded in 2003 - soon after singer Kristi Kindel decided to leave the band just before the launch of their last album Delay Lama. Their major recordings include:

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