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There are several artists with this name: 1) Canadian-based duo.
2) Hard core/metal band from Long Beach, New York.
3) Ambient duo of Theo Travis and Dave Sturt.
4) New Wave / Postpunk band from L.A. (1977-83) 1) Canadian-based hip hop duo whose album 360 Degrees came to prominance on the Canadian scene in the mid-90s.
Cipher is producer Clean, providing an atmospheric blend of smokey jams, late-night jazz and ambient synths whilst rapper G2, brings true microphone talent to the mix.

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Metsatöll, an Estonian folk metal band, was formed in 1999 in Tallinn by Markus Teeäär (vocals), Silver “Factor” Rattasepp (drums) and Andrus Tins (bass), playing epic heavy metal with small influences from ancient Estonian folklore. The debut album called "Terast mis hangund me hinge" (Steel Frozen in Our Souls) was released at that time. In 2000, a good friend Lauri "Varulven" Õunapuu joined the band.

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The band was formed in February, 2001. In the very beginning the band consisted of two - Katrin and Natassja. In March Jane joined the band, she had come to play keyboard, nobody thought that she would sing someday. We were learning to play with the song of Him "Join Me". At that time Alexander Kobzar worked with us, he taught us a lot, so the band wants to thank him for his help.
But still the band needed someone to play bass-guitar. It might seem that the most difficult thing for a girl-band is to find a drummer, but in our case difficulties were connected with the bass-guitarist.

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Legally Blonde: The Musical

Legally Blonde: The Musical is all about pink, Delta Nu's and going to Harvard for Miss Elle Woods (played by Laura Bell Bundy). She stars on Broadway trying to get Warner back. But she has to go to Harvard to get him back and maybe she might find a new love on the way. This musical is an upbeat, and funny musical filled with laughs and lots of pink!!!

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There are at least three AK. One is the British girl group,Atomic Kitten.
In Taiwan's album, we used AK as a shortened name.
Member are Liz McClarnon, Natasha Hamilton ,and Jenny Frost.
The group has changed member for twice.
After they released their Greatest hits, they also made both only Asian and British released collection album.
Natasha also started her solo career.

The other one is a Japanese singer-songwriter,Kakihara Akemi(柿原 朱美). AK is from her name's first and second letter.

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Crux is the name of quite a few bands:
1) a British Oi! band (early 80s).
2) a Black/Trash Metal band from the Czech Rep. (1990-1993)
3) a hardcore/punk band from Portland, OR (1993-1998).
4) a Sydney, Australia-based noise-pop band (mid-90s).
5) a metal band from Werne, Germany.
6) a Polish Avant-Garde alternative band (current)
7) a Christian band from Estonia.
8) a Sydney, Australia-based crust punk band (current)

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