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O Rappa

O Rappa is a Brazilian reggae/rock band. In 1993, the reggae artist Papa Winnie came to Brazil, but there was no band to present the shows with him. Four people were immediately picked: Nelson Meirelles, Marcelo Lobato, Alexandre Menezes and Marcelo Yuka. After Papa Winnie's shows, the four decided to stay together, picking Falcão as the 5th member and vocalist. In 1994, they released their first album, on Warner, O Rappa. The lyrics of O Rappa are mostly sharp criticisms about the social problems of Brazil; the members themselves work on numerous social projects.

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Loch Ness

Polish doom/heavy metal band formed in Lublin (Poland). Also a black metal band from the USA, with lyrics about medieval times. One demo (Sampler), one EP (Legend om Skog), one full length album (S

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Wonkavision is an indie rock band with loads of moogs, power guitars and vocal harmonies a la 60s. Firstly inspired by the north-american band The Rentals, Wonkavision is mostly characterised by the contrast between the sweetness of their melodies and the sarcasm of their lyrics.
Their debut album Wonkainvasion was released in 2004 in Brazil, and won a national award for the best indie rock album that year. In 2007, Wonkavision signed with the Tokyo based label PowerPop Academy and released an English version of the same album in Japan.

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There are at least three bands called "Columbia". One of them is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, BC. The second one is a Brazilian rock band from Rio de Janeiro. The third is a rock band from West Lothian in Scotland.The description below is about brazilian band. Columbia é uma banda brasileira de rock do Rio de Janeiro, formada em 2003, por membros que se conheceram na cena independente carioca do início dos anos 2000s.

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The Angels

There are three artists with this name
1. An Australian rock band
2. An American girl group best known for "My Boyfriend's Back", a #1 hit in the United States in 1963
3. An American R&B group
none of these are to be confused with any of the artists called Angels, without the definite article. (1) The Angels (Australia) USA as Angel City (1980-1985), The Angels from Angel City (1988-1989), The Angels (1992). In November 1970, brothers Rick and John Brewster formed The Moonshine Jug and String Band. In 1971 the band was joined by Irish immigrant Bernard "Doc" Neeson.

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Hollow Ground

There are 3 bands using the name Hollow Ground. 1. Alternative / Metal / Rock band from Uberlândia, Brazil. 2. The Canadian Hardcore band 3. The obscure NWOBHM band that formed in the late 70s, which have only released 'Warlord EP' which is an incredibly rare 7' record that goes for $250+ in mint condition.

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