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Man from Uranus

From the farthest reaches of our solar system, Man From Uranus (also known as MFU) descended upon our more moderately tempered blue planet. Drawn to Earth by picked-up transmissions from early television and its weird electronic soundtracks, he put up his Moonbase in Cambridgeshire to produce his own unearthly ‘mixture of warbly immersive sounds, like a psychedelic trip in some strange soundtracked diving bell’ (Drowned in Sound).

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Fallen Trees UK twitter: @fallen_trees 'Fallen Trees' are performing next at Doncaster Live Festival on the 8th September 2012 sharing the bill with bands such as 'I Am Kloot', 'The Crookes' and 'Frankie & the Heartstrings': Reviews:
‘something dirty and perfectly dissonant, a band like this will destroy you' - Electric Ghost 'super intense, bold rockers' - Sheffield Telegraph ‘songs of epic structure, courtesy of powerful delivery, you'd have to be dead and buried not to like this' - Sheffield Scenester

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There's few bands and projects called "Krokodil": 1) Swiss Krautrock group from the 70s; 2) Swedish jazz duo; 3) Resnik experimental metal project; The first group consists of three musicians, two of them from Zurich, Switzerland and an Englishman - Krokodil were an early 70's Swiss-Krautrock group who mixed blues based jam music with psychedelic Indian sitar and tablas. Drummer Dude Durst had been in the popular Swiss 60's beat band Les Sauterelles.

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Wonkavision is an indie rock band with loads of moogs, power guitars and vocal harmonies a la 60s. Firstly inspired by the north-american band The Rentals, Wonkavision is mostly characterised by the contrast between the sweetness of their melodies and the sarcasm of their lyrics.
Their debut album Wonkainvasion was released in 2004 in Brazil, and won a national award for the best indie rock album that year. In 2007, Wonkavision signed with the Tokyo based label PowerPop Academy and released an English version of the same album in Japan.

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Roger O'Donnell

Roger O'Donnell (born October 29) is an English keyboard/piano player best known for his work with The Cure, Psychedelic Furs and The Thompson Twins. In 2005 however he embarked on a new career in electronic music and this is the area in which he is most acknowledged today. After writing a song for the documentary film Moog about Bob Moog the godfather of the modern sytnhesizer he went on to record a full length album recorded entirely on that one instrument, the Moog Voyager.

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Jean Jaques Perrey

Jean-Jacques Perrey (born 1929) is a French electronic music producer and was an early pioneer in the genre. He is best known within the sphere of popular music as a member of the influential electronic music duo Perrey And Kingsley Perrey was born in France in 1929. He was studying medicine in Paris when he met George Jenny, inventor of the Ondioline. Quitting medical school, Perrey travelled through Europe demonstrating this keyboard ancestor of the modern synthesizer.

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