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Jay Lumen

Jay Lumen (b. Csaba Lumnitzer - aka The Jay Lumen Vibe, Monologue & Supaflava), committed to music, in his childhood years - learning in a conservatoire for eight years, providing the basis of his ambition. Besides composing music he became to be more and more open to the dj scena. In the beginning he played at parties that he organized on his own, then later he started with his career with complying occasional invitations.

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There are at least 4 artists with the name Hold: 1.An experimental metal band from England. 2: A Hungarian darkwave band from the beginning of the 90's. 3: A Brazilian punk rock band. 4. A Lithuanian Industrial band.

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There are at least 3 artists called Wisdom, a Hungarian power metal band and an African funk band,and The Other IsParaguay Black Metal 1. Wisdom is a Hungarian power metal band formed in 2001. After their first demo in 2002 they had the opportunity to perform at Summer Rocks festival among metal artists like U.D.O., Saxon, Doro and Dionysus. They released their debut EP entitled Wisdom in 2004. In 2006 Wisdom performed as an opening act for Helloween in Budapest. Their first full-length album (Words of Wisdom) was released by Hammer Records in late 2006.

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Besh o droM

Besh o DroM was formed in 1999 in Budapest, Hungary. This Hungarian band combines Hungarian folk elements with Balkan music into waves which are meant to collapse all our senses. The band does not confine itself to the Balkan category, but draws its musical inspiration from Jewish, Afghan, Egyptian, Lebanese, Armenian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek tunes, presenting folk and electronic instrumentals simultaneously. More:

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Rómeó Vérzik

Rock'n'roll banda a Felvidékről, Somorjáról Tagok:
Koppány, Püke, Rikó és Sancho * 1995. június
Megszületik a Rómeó vérzik című dal Egerben egy kétszobás lakásban, valamikor a hajnali órákban. Kova már akkor érezte, hogy valami ebből születni fog.
* 1995. október
Kova visszaköltözik Szlovákiába és öccsével, Koppánnyal lejárnak a helyi kultúrházba összepróbálni pár saját dalt. Egy fiatal srác üti mellettük a dobokat, Pepó, aki munkahelyi elfoglaltsága végett egy próbán nem jelent meg és ekkor jött a képbe Sancho, akinek ebben az időben nem volt zenekara.

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There are several (at least 11) artists by the name Lola: 1. Side project of Arthur Russell 2. French-born New York-based singer/songwriter. 3. Hungarian pop singer. (Korsós Judit) 4. Jennifer Lopez' alter-ego in her upcoming music project. 5. Mexican pop singer/actress Eiza Gonzalez (better known as Lola). 6. Danish pop-rock band started in the 90s. 7. Russian alternative rock band.

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There are at least five artists that are using Mindscape alias. 1) A Hungarian drum and bass producer
2) A Danish Rock group located in Copenhagen.
3) A Swedish Metal/Pop/Techno-band act from Gothenburg, Sweden.
4) A Progressive Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
5) A project from the German DJ & producer Torben Schmidt 1) Mindscape is a Hungarian drum and bass producer/dj trio(since 2007 only Gergely Sasvári) formed in late 2002, in an up-and-coming and lively Budapest scene.

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