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There are at least five artists that are using Mindscape alias. 1) A Hungarian drum and bass producer
2) A Danish Rock group located in Copenhagen.
3) A Swedish Metal/Pop/Techno-band act from Gothenburg, Sweden.
4) A Progressive Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.
5) A project from the German DJ & producer Torben Schmidt 1) Mindscape is a Hungarian drum and bass producer/dj trio(since 2007 only Gergely Sasvári) formed in late 2002, in an up-and-coming and lively Budapest scene.

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There are many bands under the name of Valhalla, 10 of them are metal. 1) The best known Valhalla hails from Petrozavodsk, Rusland and has released one album under the name of "Hail To The Fallen Majesty" in 2003. 2) There is another Valhalla originating from Bedfordshire in England from 1979 playing progressive metal. They had two national single releases on the NEAT records label, "Coming Home" and the double A sides of "Jack" and "Still in Love with You" together with tracks on the compilation album sponsored by the popular music paper SOUNDS.

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Besh o droM

Besh o DroM was formed in 1999 in Budapest, Hungary. This Hungarian band combines Hungarian folk elements with Balkan music into waves which are meant to collapse all our senses. The band does not confine itself to the Balkan category, but draws its musical inspiration from Jewish, Afghan, Egyptian, Lebanese, Armenian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek tunes, presenting folk and electronic instrumentals simultaneously. More:

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There are more than one band named Amulet;
1) Norwegian Band
After a week of borrowing each other's records, Amulet recorded their first demo in September 1993. Little did they know that this was the beginning of a working relationship spanning over a decade. They formed as a three piece with Lars Rasmussen on guitar, Torgny Amdam on vocals/drums and Arne Haabeth on bass. The two first official releases dabbled in teenage sentimentality: the self-titled debut and the Engrave EP were before emo achieved genre-status.

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Chriss - Horváth Krisztián - was born on 26th of October, 1977 in Budapest. The thought of playing music came at an early age, he built his career step by step, working hard. He made an entrance behind the turntables as early as 1994 and has been a frequent guest of the best clubs of Hungary. In 1997 Club Korona became the official stage of BPM ( Booking Promotion Management ) and Global Underground Management which meant performances of Sasha, John Digweed, Dave Seaman and similar well-known names.

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Warning (also known as Warning!, WARNING!, the Warning!) was a hungarian Neo-Classical/Progressive Metal band in the middle of 90's.
They released their first MC in 1994, called "Van Kiút!" and one year later, their CD came out (Instrumentality), but then, they split up. Their line-up was:
- Henrik Holb (bass, vocals) (1994)
- László Koós (bass) (1995)
- László Lukács (keys, drum machine, lead singer)
- Péter Lukács (guitars, drum machine, lead singerl)
- Gábor Ozsvárt (drum)

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Acid Goblins

Wooden Monsters - Warriors Of The Acid Forest Behind this new name in the scene hides a fresh collective project. When 3 upcoming underground projects join forces to create a new generation of psychedelic music, it gives birth to Wooden Monsters. Wooden Monsters are made of : Acid Goblins, Haunted Castle, and Psybetyárok, Wooden Monsters brings the best of each projects in very psychotic tracks dedicated for open air party and night time.

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