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Egberto Gismonti

Egberto Amin Gismonti (born December 5, 1947 in Carmo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a composer, guitarist and pianist. Gismonti began his formal music studies at the age of six on piano. After studying music for 15 years, he went to Paris to study orchestration and analysis with Nadia Boulanger and the composer Jean Barraqué, a disciple of Arnold Schönberg and Anton Webern. After his return to Brazil, Gismonti began to explore other musical genres.

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Sodomizer is a Blackened Speed Metal band with old school touchs and high pitched vocals from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Formed in 1999 and have since released 2 demos, 2 "best-of", 2 full-lengths and 1 split. The band is currently signed to the danish Horror Records.

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Richard David Court, aka Richie, is an expat English musician, singer and songwriter who emigrated in 1972 to Brazil, where he became a household name as a pop artist, singing mostly in Portuguese. In 1983 he released his 1st LP Vôo de Coração, which went multiplatinum and garnered five #1 singles, including the mega-hit Menina Veneno. Aside from his 8 solo albums to date, he has also appeared as a guest artist on records by Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Wagner Tiso, Jim Capaldi, Lulu Santos, Lobão, Ultraje a Rigor, Flávio Venturini and Kid Abelha, among others.

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Gui Tavares Gui Tavares is a Brazilian musician based in London.
He has been developing a number of projects to promote Brazilian music, and has played in venues such as Pizza Express Soho, Cargo, Jazz Cafe, the Barbican Foyer, and others. He has performed three times at Canning House, each time receiving a very appreciative reaction from the audience. The three shows were: Nossa Voz (Brazilian vocal group), Poor little rich girl (with the participation of Carlos Lyra and Marcos Valle), and Carlos Lyra and Marcos Valle in concert together (in which Gui collaborated). Tags: 
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Ed Motta

Ed Motta is an / / artist, born Eduardo Motta (17 Aug 1971), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the end of the 80's Ed Motta burst upon the music scene as a major singer and one of Conexão Japeri's composers and producers. He was an instant success on the carioca show circuit and his 1988 debut album, "Conexão Japeri" (Warner), confirmed it. Songs like "Manuel", "Vamos dançar", "Baixo Rio" and "Um love" became big hits. The songs were marked by lavish musicality and introduced strong soul and funk components into the pop-rock scene that was the rage in Brazil at the time.

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There are 2 bands called Minima 1)Minima is an electronic music project from São Paulo, Brasil, formed by Renato Patriarca (aka Dubhead) and Felipe Vazquez.
Minima has released tracks in vinyl, cd and digital format by labels as Craft Music, Leutral Recordings, Axum Music, System Records, Lo Kik Records and Tropic Records (the prolific Brazilian electronic music label), with support from many DJs around the world.

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