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The Fevers

There are 3 bands with the name 'The Fevers'. 1. The Fevers are an American power-pop band from Minneapolis. They have two LPs released on German label Alien Snatch records. 2. The Fevers is a Brazilian group from the movement called "Jovem Guarda". 3. The Fevers is Ross M. Wheeler on Casio Keyboard and computer. Ross's first album is called Sink the Sky and is free to download from their livejournal community.

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Gileno Osório Wanderley de Azevedo (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, 1949), more commonly knows as Leno, is a brazilian singer, songwriter and guitarist. He launched his career during the jovem guarda (portuguese for "young guard"). After forming several bands, was discovered by producers of the former CBS (present day Sony BMG) and formed with Lílian Knapp the double act Leno e Lilian, with whom he released the hit singles "Pobre Menina" and "Devolva-Me".

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The Angels

There are three artists with this name
1. An Australian rock band
2. An American girl group best known for "My Boyfriend's Back", a #1 hit in the United States in 1963
3. An American R&B group
none of these are to be confused with any of the artists called Angels, without the definite article. (1) The Angels (Australia) USA as Angel City (1980-1985), The Angels from Angel City (1988-1989), The Angels (1992). In November 1970, brothers Rick and John Brewster formed The Moonshine Jug and String Band. In 1971 the band was joined by Irish immigrant Bernard "Doc" Neeson.

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