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Snak the Ripper

''Snak The Ripper is like a cold beer after an hour of eating sweaty pussy. Stepping onto the Canadian hip hop forefront in early 2007, Snak has been kicking up dust all over the country ever since. His debut release self titled; ''The Ripper'', gained hype accross the globe, building his fan base by thousands in less than a year, and went on to sell over two thousand copies digitally and hand to hand in that time.

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Xasqui Ten is the producer of Essential, a Spanish dance project from the late 90s.
The project was arranged by DJ Roda, Luis Del Pino, and Victor Del Pino.
Essential released the singles "Don't Leave Me Now" with Alex, "My Destiny" and "Touch The Sky" with Allison. Tags: 
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Cadence Weapon

Cadence Weapon continues to firmly establish his legacy as a sonic pioneer while constantly pushing the rap and electronic music envelope. Following his critically-acclaimed, Polaris Music Prize nominated albums Breaking Kayfabe and Afterparty Babies and a two year term as Edmonton’s Poet Laureate, he returns with his new album Hope In Dirt City this Spring. A clearly defined and emotionally mature statement of intent, Hope In Dirt City represents the culmination of these experiences.

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