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Cheer Advisory Council

Cheer Advisory Council formed in Adelaide, Australia in late 2008. At its biggest, the Council now boasts seven members, even reclaiming the bassoon as the rock instrument it always knew it could be. The band's dusky, smoky feel, with slow tempos and crashing crescendos, is reminiscent of the music of Low, The National, Midlake and Wilco. Their first album, 'Distance', will be released independently on 30 April 2011, featuring many group harmonies, some pop hooks and one big guitar solo.

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Bitch Prefect

Bitch Prefect is Scott, Pat and Liam from South Australia. They play pop songs in the same vein as The Clean with the same work ethic as Robert Pollard, often with the same quality recordings as Beat Happening

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Geordie Little

Geordie Little writes his own fingerstyle compositions which incorporate contemporary classical compositions with offbeat rhythmic tapping and discordant open tunings. Starting off busking and playing at wineries around the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, Geordie recorded his debut album "Neukölln" in Berlin as well as the film "the Stoop Sessions", both released early 2012.

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Mournful Congregation

Mournful Congregation is a band from Adelaide, Australia, founded in 1993.
The music revolves around melodies on electric and/or acoustic guitar and is further characterised by minimal drums, deep growled and whispered vocals. Main lyrical themes are personal spirituality, mysticism and depression.
In 2009, the band performed live for the first time in their 15 year existence, with 4 Australian shows, and another 17 shows throughout Europe to promote their 2009 album "The June Frost".

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Box Elder

Box Elder were a band from Adelaide, Australia. They evolved their sound between noise, ambient and indie pop influences including bands such as Pavement, Sonic Youth, Sigur Rós, Deerhunter and Joy Division. Their first EP 'Rewind the Fall' was recorded, mixed and mastered in their homes and is now available in stores and on-line from A posthumous release, 'A Little Something For Us Tempunauts', will be released in late 2012. Pat now plays in cool jumper, Tannon in Atlasis, and Emlyn, Henry, and Josh in Stringer Bell.

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The professional part(y)... After sharing the stage in various punk bands; 2009 saw four friends with similar dreams come together to write and record some of the most fun, heartdriven and diverse songs in Australian punk rock. Drawing influence from the greater world of music, the band has managed to create a sound which clashes with many a genre; yet always carries the passion of its driving p...unk rock roots.

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