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No Tolerance

No Tolerance is a Straight Edge Hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts . Justin DeTore of Mind Eraser is credited on their recordings for doing drums and vocals. The band released a demo which was initially put out on Austin, TX label 540 Records, which is part of bigger Painkiller records. The band's demo was also released on Edge Day Records. They're most recent release, an EP entitled "No Remorse, No Tolerance," was released in late 2011 on Youngblood Records.

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Free Spirit

1) They are a Boston Hardcore band featuring Gil Sayfan, and their sound would be comparable to the faster youth crew bands of the mid 80's like Straight Ahead NYC Mayhem and Youth of Today
2) Free Spirit are a melodic hard rock band from Finland. Stadium size choruses and big guitars are the key elements in their music, whose main influences come from 70’s and 80’s heavy metal and melodic hard rock bands. Their sound is at the same time familiar and yet seductively novel.

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Trash Society

Trash Society was formed in 2002 when 4 fucked up guys met each other to make some noise. After one year of wasting time they decided to kick out the drummer and do some serious music. Another year and countless shows passed by until the band finally found their individual sound - a mixture of Hardcore and Streetpunk. In 2005 the first demo was recorded and earned amazing feedback. Hopefully the next years will be as successful as the last ones...

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. The original Orange Country straight edge band, heavily influenced by Washington D.C.'s Minor Threat. Guitarist, Joe D. Foster, went on to play in No For An Answer and later formed the band Ignite. Pat Longrie and Pat Dubar, drummer and singer respectively, went on to form the influential Uniform Choice. Pat Dubar - Vocals
Joe D. Foster - Guitar
John Lowe - Bass
Pat Longrie - Drums 2. Unity is a Christian rock band from Karis, Finland.

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Right Idea

Right Idea is a hardcore band from Cleveland Ohio. They take the best parts of 80s straight edge hardcore bands and blend them together for maximum excitement! The songs are fast and the lyrics are cool and can be related to by the everyday dude.

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Feral Youth

Feral Youth are a hard hitting, youth crew styled hardcore band from Nottingham, England. Keeping their sound raw and punky, the band acknowledge the old school hardcore punk that came before them, but push that sound forward with sarcastically delivered and politically aware vocals, ripping guitars and powerful drumming. Members: Louis Hardy - Vocals
Elliot Heath - Guitar
Pete Jones - Drums
Ed Beniston - Bass

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