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Feral Youth

Feral Youth are a hard hitting, youth crew styled hardcore band from Nottingham, England. Keeping their sound raw and punky, the band acknowledge the old school hardcore punk that came before them, but push that sound forward with sarcastically delivered and politically aware vocals, ripping guitars and powerful drumming. Members: Louis Hardy - Vocals
Elliot Heath - Guitar
Pete Jones - Drums
Ed Beniston - Bass

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There are three bands called Outburst. 1) a New York hardcore band. 2) a United Kingdom Stoner/Doom/Metal band 3) a Dutch Thrash Metal band. 1) Outburst was an Astoria, Queens based New York Hardcore band, founded in the mid 80's. They grew to popularity after a well received demo and tracks on Blackout! Records' "Where The Wild Things Are.." Compilation. The band also recorded and released one EP, entitled "Miles To Go" for Blackout! in 1989, soon after the band broke up and all the members went their merry way.

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The Alligators

There is more than one artist with the name The Alligators. 1.)The Alligators are a hardcore punk band with members of Insted and Roger Miret of Agnostic Front. They have released two 7" eps which have also been compiled onto a s/t CD. 2.)The Alligator's are an indie/pop band from Provo, Utah. 3.) The Alligators are an ambient/indie band from Bremerton, Washington. They have released one full length album, entitled Piggy & Cups.

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Right Idea

Right Idea is a hardcore band from Cleveland Ohio. They take the best parts of 80s straight edge hardcore bands and blend them together for maximum excitement! The songs are fast and the lyrics are cool and can be related to by the everyday dude.

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1. Still - UK chillout and electronica artist, with a more organic sound than most other chillout. Tracks on LastFM include: "All in the Water (feat Cathy Batistessa)", "Coming Home", "Kumasi Junction", "Time" (feat Anthony Smith" and "Waste" 2. Still (Hsi Chang Lin), former turntablist for abrasive political Hip-Hop troupé Dälek pioneers the notion of "ambient turntablism" with his debut album "Remains".

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