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Avalon Drive

Brisbane band Avalon Drive’s Damion Page (vocals), Wil Morris (former guitar/backing vocals), Ryan Kennedy (bass), Shane ‘Holmesy’ Holmes (drums) and BJ Dillewaard (keyboards) played in various bands over the last four years and finally came together in early 2005 under the guise of Avalon Drive. In early 2007, Wil Morris left the band for pesonal reasons, although this was not announced until October 2007. Replacing Wil on guitar/backing vocals is Shane O'Keefe, formerly of Brisbane band St. Lucia.

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Yes Sensei

Yes Sensei is a 4 piece indie-noise rock band hailing from Long Island, NY. Formed in December 2000, they draw influences from artists like The Minutemen, Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth, and Ornette Coleman. Yes Sensei has two cds under their belt and a third on the way.

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Call It A Day

Call It A Day:
A Bolton/Manchester based band. Current Members:
NICKY WAN (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
VINCENT TAO (Lead Guitar)
JONNY BASS (Bass/Backing Vocals)
JAKE GREVILLE (Drums). Previous Members: Ross Keat (Synth/Backing Vocals), David Lawson (Bass/Backing Vocals), Benji Collinson (Bass/Backing Vocals)
BIO: Nicky Wan, Vinnie Tao, Jake Greville and previous bassist Dave Lawson met at Bolton School Boys' Division where they attended Secondary School and College together.

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There are numerous bands with the name Panache 1) Panache joins two Montrealers: Carl-Éric Hudon and Benoît Fréchette. They produced an album also named Panache with Grosse Boîte producers. Their style could be described as pop-punk. Panache was nominated alongside Bernard Adamus and Jimmy Hunt for the Félix-Leclerc prize in 2011. 2) Panache is a lush pop project about unrealized fantasy dreams and the disappointment that comes from waking up, knowing that you had it all within your grasp.

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There are two artists called Godard: 1. Isle of wight punk band consisting of: Tristan Baker - Guitar, Vocals
Conall Jennings - Bass, Vocals
Charlie Pert - Drums. Vocals Godard is 3 friends in to similar music who decided to start making music in a garage on the Isle of Wight. They soon found themselves at Studio 5A recording a 3 track self titled EP to find out what other people thought of their music and you can download the finished product for free at http://godard.bandcamp.com.

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